The Course

This course will give the students basic mathematical concepts, such as sets, numbers systems, derivative, integral, graphing functions … etc. In general, Calculus is about mathematical changing. The two major branches of calculus are differential calculus and integral calculus. Differential calculus concerns rates of change slopes of curves, whereas integral calculus is about accumulation of quantities and the areas under curves. The two mentioned branches relating together via Fundamental theorem of calculus

Course details

Faculty:  Faculty of Science and Health (FSCH)
School: School of Science
Department: Department of Mathematics
Course title: Calculus 
Course code: CAL6301
Language: English
Location: FSCH
Period: Academic 2015
Lecturer: Jehan Sherwan Ziad
 Support Office Hours by appointment
 Peer Reviewer 

Entry level skills

The student must be able to read various provided sources in English and write short essays and participate in class discussions.