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Name:brwa sardar ahmad 
Degree: 76.4
Title:Assistant teacher 
Position: FHSS
Department/School/Faculty: economic & management 
E-mail: brwa.sardar@koyauniversity.org
University: Koya University
Mobile: (+964)- 7701431333
Visit http://goo.gl/ClJFN for help
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my name is : brwa sardar ahmad
Birth date: 14/71979
- Koya completed technical institute in 2000 at a rate of 90.6 on the first section and the second at the Institute and then got a bachelor's degree at the College of Management and Economics University of Salahuddin in 2004 at a rate of 74.6 you're a seventh section.
- And then he took up a University of Koya in 2004 as an accountant in the financial and became manager of the accounts of the university projects until the year 2008 and then accepted Megastar at Muta University of Jordan's Department of Business Administration and got a master's degree in 2010>
- and returned to the University and began working as a manager audit of the university for a year and a half and in 2012 became Director of Finance of the University phd until I was accepted in 2013. This part of the professional side, either the academic side after completing the Master began immediately with teaching at the Department of Management and Economics until today