The Course

Basketball is a game of tem games that has its own rool. Knowing, understanding and applying these rool requires the student to understand and practice this material. The correct way to understand is to watch, practice and correct by the teacher. Other ways to understand the Book of rooll   Basketball. the mother tongue, which makes it easier for the student to read and understanding in theory and then apply the concepts in an applied manner. The application is done through the actual practice of  the referees active  process

The practice of refereesis done by distributing students to teams to play, and appointing a group of students divided into two groups of three students. Each group is act as referee for 10 minutes. During the   refereesis   process, the teacher oversees the correction of correct mistakes and signals.

Through this approach, the student is prepared to understand the law and apply it easily to their success and success and work the task of referee in basketball 

بە كوردى 

Course details

Faculty: Faculty of Education (FEDU )
School: School of Physical Education (SPHE)
Course title: Basketball
Course code: BAS8514
Language: Kurdish
Location: FEDU
Lecturer:Dr. Khalid Hussein Abdullah
Support: Office Hours 12-14 or by appointment
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Entry level skills

The student must be able to read various provided sources in English and write short essays and participate in class discussions.