The Course

Mechanics is one of the oldest and most familiar branches of physics. When we say that physics is an exact science, we mean that it's that its laws are expressed in the form of mathematical equations which describe and predict the results of precise quantitative measurements.

Mechanics is the study of the motions of material bodies. Mechanics may be divided into three subdisciplines, kinematics, dynamics and static. Kinematics is the study and description of the possible motions of material bodies. Dynamics is the study of the laws which determine, among all possible motions, which motion will actually take place in any give case. In dynamics we introduce the concept of force. The central problem of dynamics is to determine for any physical system the motions which will take place under the action of give forces. Statics is the study of forces and systems of forces, with particular reference to systems of forces which act on bodies at rest.
Course details

Faculty:  Faculty of Science and Health (FSCH)
School: School of Science
Department: Department of  Physics
Course title: Analytical Mechanics
Course code: ANM6205
Language: English
Location: FSCH
Period: Academic 2015
Lecturer:Halo Dalshad Omar
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Entry level skills

The student must be able to read various provided sources in English and write short essays and participate in class discussions.