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Name: Ahmed A. Mohammad 
Degree: PhD
Title: Instructor
Position: Head of English Department, Faculty of Education
English/ Faculty of Education : xxxx/xxxx/FEDU
E-mail: ahmed.abdulaziz@koyauniversity.org
University: Koya University
Mobile: (+9647701353969) 
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Dr. Ahmed A. Mohammad professor at Koya University, Koya, Eribil. He graduated from Al-Mustansriya University, Baghdad with bachelors degree in English Translation in 2004. after graduation he moved to Koya city and worked in Koya University as an employee in different units. In 2008 he received his MA from the same university in English Literature, Modern Drama. he worked as an instructor in Translation Department and English Department. he teached different topics such as drama, conversation, translation, interpretation, culture and language. He received he PhD from Koya University in English Literature, Modern Drama in 2012.