Name S. Vinodhkumar

Civil Engineering
Qualification BE ME (Ph.D.)
Area of Specialization Geotechnical Engineering
Date of Joining KEC 01-06-2015
Experience in (Years) Teaching: 4.5 Industry: --
Others: --
Number of Papers Presented

Number of Journals Published
National Conference:
International Conference:
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Contact Details
Mobile: 9790025650
Office: 04294-226700 Intercom: 841

Paper Presented in National Conferences
  1. S.Vinodhkumar, Dr.T.Meenambal "Geochemical Characterization of Expansive soil Stabilized with Flyash, NCRAG, March 2014
  2. S.Vinodhkumar, P.Kulanthaivel, K.Gayathiri "Support Vector Machine Applied to Stability Analysis of Slopes Based on Limit Equilibrium Analysis, NCRAG, May 2016.
  3. P.Kulanthaivel, S.Vinodhkumar, T.S.Mukesh "Performance Analysis of Geogrid encased Stone-Column in Soft Clay", NCRAG, May 2016.
  4. S.Vinodhkumar, P.Kulanthaivel, A.Kabilan, K.M. Lokeshkanna "Study of Black Cotton Soil Characteristics with Molasses", National Conference on Innovative Practices, Recyclable Materials and Energy Efficient Methods in Civil Engineering (IPRME’18) 23rd & 24th March 2018, PSG Institute of Technology and Applied Research, Neelambur, Coimbatore
Paper Presented in International Conferences
            1. Vinodhkumar S, Kulanthaivel P, and Nanthakumar S, “Characteristics of Workability and Strength of SCC Containing GGBFS and Fly Ash”, 13th International Conference on Science, Engineering and Technology, November 7 & 8, 2016, VIT University.

            2.Kulanthaivel P, Vinodhkumar S, and Naveen C, “Experimental Study on Influence of Metal Fibres in Concrete”, 13th International Conference on Science, Engineering and Technology, November 7 & 8, 2016, VIT University.

Journals Published (International)
        1. S. Vinodhkumar, Dr. S. Balaji "Artificial Neural Network Modelling and Economic Analysis of Black Cotton Soil Subgrade Stabilized with Flyash and Geotextile", International Journal of Earth Sciences and Engineering, ISSN 0974-5904, Vol. 09, No. 01, February 2016, pp. 81-86.
        2. S.Vinodhkumar, M.Arunkumar, P.Kulanthaivel, K. Sampathkumar" Study on Properties of SCC with Partial Replacement of Cement by GGBFS and Fly Ash", International Journal of Advanced Civil Engineering and Technology, Volume 1 Issue 1, June 2016, pp. 1-10.
        3. S. Vinodhkumar, D. Ramya, P.Kulanthaivel "Index and Chemical Properties of Black Cotton Soil Blended with Flyash" International Journal of Research in Advanced Technology, vol. 01, No. 06,  June 2016, pp. 27-30.
        4. D. Ramya, S.Vinodhkumar "Development of Support Vector Machine Model to Predict Stability of Slopes Based on Bound Theorems" International Journal of Engineering and Technology, Volume 9 Issue 2 May 2017, pp 1231-1237
        5.  D. Ramya, S. VinodhKumar, Y. Rajkumar, Sujatha.k "A Comprehensive Survey: Protocols on QoS in Vehicular Ad-Hoc Networks (VANETs)International Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics, Volume 118 Issue 20 May 2018, pp 2543-2554
         6S. Vinodhkumar, P. Kulanthaivel, A. Kabilan and K. M. Lokeshkanna "Study of Black Cotton Soil Characteristics with molasses" Asian Journal of Engineering and Applied Technology, Volume 7 Issue S1 May 2018, pp 73-77
        7D. Ramya, S. Vinodhkumar,K. Preethi and Dr.K. Sujatha "Stability Analysis of Slope: a Support Vector Machine ApproachJour of Adv Research in Dynamical & Control Systems, Volume 10 Issue 12 Dec 2018, pp 1090-1093
Membership in Professional Bodies
        1. Life Member of Indian Geotechnical  Society.
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