Name Dr.R.Vennila

Department Mathematics
Qualification MSc MPhil PhD
Area of Specialization Topology
Date of Joining KEC 02.09.2015
Experience in (Years) Teaching: 14 Industry: -- Others: --  
Number of Papers Published
National Journals: 03
International Journals: 09
Number of Papers Presented
National Conferences: 01
International Conferences:

Contact Details
Mobile: 9894831135
Office: 04294 226612
Intercom: 616

 Journals Published (National)
  1. C Duraisamy, R Vennila , "Applications of λ - open sets in Topological spaces ",  Acta Ciencia Indica , Vol.4, No.35  pp 1179-1182, 2009
  2. C Duraisamy, R Vennila , "On λ-irresolute functions ", Acta Ciencia Indica , Vol.4,No.36  pp 475-478, 2010
Journals Published (International)
  1. C Duraisamy, R Vennila ,"On λ-Continuous functions", European Journal of Scientific Research ,  Vol. 2, No.59 pp. 258-263, 2011.
  2. C Duraisamy, R Vennila ,"Quasi Lambda open Functions", AJMP , Vol.2 , No.1 pp1-7, 2012.
  3. C Duraisamy, R Vennila ,"A Strong Form of Lindelof Spaces", IOSR Journal of Mathematics   Vol. 5,No.1 pp 19-24,2012.
  4. C Duraisamy, R Vennila ,"Somewhat λ-Continuous Functions", Applied Mathematical Sciences Vol.6 No.39,pp 1945-1953,2012
  5. C Duraisamy, R Vennila ,"Two new Types of  Irresolute Functions in Topological Spaces", International Journal of Advanced Scientific and Technical Research, Vol.4, No.2, pp 101-110,  2012
  6. C Duraisamy, R Vennila ,"A Strong Form of Compact Spaces", International Journal of Mathematical Archive, Vol.3, No.8, pp 3191-3196, 2012
  7. R Vennila ,"Upper and Lower Weakly Lambda Continuous Multifunctions", International Journal of Emerging Trends in Engineering and Development  Vol.3, No.5, pp 267-274,  2015
  8. R.Vennila, C.Duraisamy, " On Sequentially Lambda Continuous Functions", Asian journal of Research in Social Science and Humanities 6 (80) 1641-1647, 2016
  9. R.Vennila, V.Parimala and R.Subasini, "On upper and Lower Lambda continuous Multifunctions", Asia mathematika, Vol. 2 issue 3 pp 1-7, 2018
Paper Presented in National Conferences
  1. C Duraisamy, R Vennila,  "On  Slightly λ-Continuous functions" Advances in Mathematical Analysis and Applications, August 2011

Membership in Professional Bodies

  • ISTE (Indian Society for Technical Education) Life Member 
Funded Programmes Organized (Seminar/Conference/Workshop/FDP/STTP/Other)
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1 Science Academies' Lecture Workshop on "Applied Mathematics"
Two day National Seminar on Novelty in Applications of Graph Theory to the   IOT
Teachers Enrichment Workshop