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Academic: 16 Industry: -- Research: 10

Number of Papers Published

National Journals: 02

International Journals: 14

Number of Papers Presented

National Conferences: 02

International Conferences: 02

Number of Funded Programmes Organized: 04

Journals Published (National)

  1. C Duraisamy, R Vennila , "Applications of λ - open sets in Topological spaces ", Acta Ciencia Indica , Vol.4, No.35 pp 1179-1182, 2009

  2. C Duraisamy, R Vennila , "On λ-irresolute functions ", Acta Ciencia Indica , Vol.4,No.36 pp 475-478, 2010

Journals Published (International)

  1. C Duraisamy, R Vennila ,"On λ-Continuous functions", European Journal of Scientific Research , Vol. 2, No.59 pp. 258-263, 2011.

  2. C Duraisamy, R Vennila ,"Quasi Lambda open Functions", AJMP , Vol.2 , No.1 pp1-7, 2012.

  3. C Duraisamy, R Vennila ,"A Strong Form of Lindelof Spaces", IOSR Journal of Mathematics Vol. 5,No.1 pp 19-24,2012.

  4. C Duraisamy, R Vennila ,"Somewhat λ-Continuous Functions", Applied Mathematical Sciences Vol.6 No.39,pp 1945-1953,2012

  5. C Duraisamy, R Vennila ,"Two new Types of Irresolute Functions in Topological Spaces", International Journal of Advanced Scientific and Technical Research, Vol.4, No.2, pp 101-110, 2012

  6. C Duraisamy, R Vennila ,"A Strong Form of Compact Spaces", International Journal of Mathematical Archive, Vol.3, No.8, pp 3191-3196, 2012

  7. R Vennila ,"Upper and Lower Weakly Lambda Continuous Multifunctions", International Journal of Emerging Trends in Engineering and Development Vol.3, No.5, pp 267-274, 2015

  8. R.Vennila, C.Duraisamy, " On Sequentially Lambda Continuous Functions", Asian journal of Research in Social Science and Humanities 6 (80) 1641-1647, 2016

  9. R.Vennila, V.Parimala and R.Subasini, "On upper and Lower Faintly Lambda continuous Multifunctions", Asia mathematika, Vol. 2 issue 3 pp 1-7, 2018

  10. R.Vennila, V.Parimala and R.Subasini, " C-Lambda compact spaces", Gedrag & Organisite Review, Vol.33 Issue 2 pp 1393-1401, 2020

  11. V.Parimala, R.Vennila and R.Subasini, "Numerical Solutions of Fuzzy Differential Equation under Generalized Differentiability concept using a Third Order Runge - Kutta Method with Contra Harmonic Mean", Gedrag & Organisite Review, Vol.33 Issue 2 pp 2470-2479, 2020

  12. R.Vennila, V.Parimala and R.Subasini, "Intuitionistic fuzzy sets and its application in business trips", International Journal of Advanced Scientific and Technology Research, Vol.29 Issue 3 pp 6701 - 6704, 2020

  13. B.Lavanya, R.Vennila "Bulk service queue models – a short compilation", International Journal of Advanced Scientific and Technology Research, Vol.29 Issue 3 pp 7946 - 7959, 2020

  14. R.Subasini, R.Vennila and V.Parimala "Soft Lambda - Continuous functions", Advances in Mathematics: Scientific Journal Vol.9 pp 2835–2842, 2020

Paper Presented in National Conferences

  1. C Duraisamy, R Vennila, "On Slightly λ-Continuous functions" Advances in Mathematical Analysis and Applications, August 2011

  2. R Vennila & R.Subasini "Soft Lambda Continuous Functions" Recent Advances in Pure and Applied Mathematics Feb 2020

Paper Presented in international Conferences

  1. R Vennila, " Application of faintly Lambda continuous functions", International conference on Applied Mathematics and Informatics 'ICAMI' 2017

  2. B.Lavanya & R Vennila "A Survey on Queueing Models and Its Applications" 5th International Conference on Latest trends in Science, Engineering and Technology, ICLTSET'19

Subjects Handled

    • Mathematics - I

    • Mathematics - II

    • Mathematics - III

    • Matrices and Differential Equations

    • Multivariable Calculus and Complex Analysis

    • Statistics and Numerical Methods

    • Numerical Methods

    • Advanced Calculus and Numerical Analysis

    • Discrete Mathematics

    • Probability and Queueing Theory

NPTEL Courses Completed

1. A Short Lecture Series on Contour Integration in the Complex Plane

2. Introduction to Abstract and Linear Algebra

3. Matrix Analysis with Applications

FDP Attended

  1. Two week ISTE STTP on "Technical Communication" during "08th Oct - 11th Nov 2015" and "30th Nov - 05th Dec 2015" organized by IIT, Bombay.

  2. Workshop on "Self-Awareness and Higher Goals in Education" during "30th May - 03rd June 2016" organized by "IIT, Madras".

  3. Teachers Knowledge Enrichment Programme on "Advanced Mathematical Pedagogy" during "29th Oct - 02nd Nov 2018" organized by "Teaching and Learning Centre" and "MHRD".

  4. National Centre for Mathematics and "TIFR" sponsored TEW on "Linear Algebra & Multivariable Calculus" organized by "Mepco Schlenk Engineering College" during "13th - 18th May 2019".

  5. FDP on "Data Sciences" during "09th - 13th May 2020" organized by "AICTE".

  6. FDP on "Mathematical Modeling in Multidisciplinary Domain" during "01st - 07th June 2020" organized by "Bannari Amman Institute of Technology".

  7. FDP on "Applications of Mathematics in Engineering" during "27th - 31st July 2020" organized by "KPR Institutions".

  8. Workshop on Universal Human Values on "Inculcating Universal Human Values in Technical Education" during "02nd - 06th November, 2020" organized by AICTE.

  9. Six days "STTP On Innovative Tools for Mathematics" during "03rd - 08th May 2021" organized by "Hindusthan College of Engineering and Technology".

  10. Six days National Level Webinar cum Workshop on "Calculus, Algebra and Analysis" during "07th - 13th July 2021" organized by "Rathnavel Subramaniam College of Arts and Science".

  11. AICTE Training and Learning (ATAL) Academy Online Elementary FDP on "Mathematics for Machine Learning" during "27th - 31st July, 2021" at "NIT Arunachal Pradesh".

  12. AICTE Training and Learning (ATAL) Academy Online Elementary FDP on"Capacity Building" during "13th -17th September, 2021 at " Andhra University College of Engineering (A).