Name R.Subasri

Department Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering
Qualification BE ME PhD
Area of Specialization Linear Control systems, Neural networks, Optimal Control, Adaptive control, Signal Processing
Date of Joining KEC 01.07.1996
Experience in (Years) Teaching: 25
Industry: -- Others: --  
Number of Papers Published
National Journals: 1
International Journals: 1
Number of Papers Presented
National Conferences: 9
International Conferences: 20

 Number of Books Published 2
 Number of Funded Programmes Organized 1

Contact Details
Mobile: 9965527506
Office: 04294-226156 Intercom: 156

Journals Published (National)
  1. R.Subasri .,S. Suresh.,"Discrete direct adaptive ELM controller for active vibration control of nonlinear base isolation buildings".,Journal of Neurocomputing (129) ,pp.248-256 ,2014.

Journals Published (International)
  1. R.subasri.,R.Bhanu priya.,"Nonlinear Disturbance Control in a wind Energy Conversion System Using Theta .D Control", vol.6,Issue.1,pp.35-38, August 2013.

Paper Presented in National Conferences
  1. R.Subasri, R.Bhanu Priya, “Power Capture Optimization in Wind Turbines Using Linear Controller”,National Conference on issues and trends in advanced computing-NITAC 2012, March 17 & 18 ,2012.
  2. R.Subasri., R.Vivekanandhan.,"Modeling of Electrical Energy Consumption using Fuzzy Technique" .,National Conference on Fuzzy Optimization and Graph theory with application.,.23 & 24 February 2012,
  3. R.Subasri.,N.Balamani.,"Comparison of BPN and ELM Neural Network for Speed Estimation of Induction Motor".,National Conference on Electrical and Instrumentation Systems NCEIS March 22, 2012 .
  4. R.Subasri.,Sherin John., "Control Loop Performance assessment using PSCMAP".,National Conference on Industrial technology in association with SIEMENS , March 2013.
Paper Presented in International Conferences
  1. R.Subasri.,Dr.R.Meenakumari.,"Means of attaining Higher Level of Spiritual Consciousness".,SPIRCON – 2010.
  2. R.Subasri.,Dr.R.Meenakumari.,"Investigation on the improvement of operational performance of SOEU’s in India using DEA based Malmquist  Index".,IEEM 2010.
  3. R.Subasri., Dr.A.M.Natarajan.,"Speed Estimation of Induction Motor using Extreme Learning Machine Algorithm".,International Convention cum Pre-Conference Workshop on Innovations  in Engineering and Technology for Sustainable Development, June 2012.
  4. R.Subasri.,Dr.A.M.Natarajan.,Dr.S.Suresh.,"ELM Based Direct Adaptive Neural Controller for Seismically Excited Non-Linear Base Isolation Building".,IEEE Symposium Series on Computational Intelligence, Singapore, April 2013.
  5. R.Subasri.,Dr.A.M.Natarajan.,Dr.S.Suresh.,"Neural aided discrete PID active controller for Non-linear hysteretic Base Isolation Building".,Asian Control Conference, Turkey,  June 2013.
  6. R.Subasri.,M.Rajendiran.,"Design of Direct Adaptive intelligent active controller for nonlinear hysteretic base isolated building"., International Conference on Innovations in Information Embedded and Communications systems, March 2014.
  7. R.Subasri.,R.Yogerajan.,"Semi active control of Base isolated stucture"., International Conference on advances in control and computing of analog and digital systems,December 2014.
  8. R.Subasri.,M.Manimegalai.,"Adaptive Dynamic programming for optimal control of Nonlinear systems".,IEEE conference on Innovations in Information, Embedded and Communication Systems, March 2015.
  9. R.Subasri.,T.Yamunarani.,"Fuzzy aided Baseline Controller for Active Vibration Control of Non-linear Hysteretic Base Isolation Buildings".,IEEE sponsored conference on Cognitive Computing and Information Processing .,March 2015.
  10. R.Subasri, mplementation of Kalman Filter for DC motor in Python Language using Raspberry Pi",IEEE sponsored conference on Innovations in Information, Embedded and Communication Systems , March 2016.
Books Published

  1. R.Subasri.,"Electro Magnetic Field"., New Age International Publications, New Delhi,2002.
  2. R.Subasri.,"Electro Magnetic Field-Rev-2".,New Age International Publications, New Delhi.,2007.
  3. R.Subasri., "Circuit Theory" Lab Manual".,2008.
  4. R.Subasri.,"Simulation & Control" Lab Manual".,2009.
  5. R.Subasri.,"Digital Signal Processing" Lab Manual".,2014.
  6.  R.Subasri.,"Circuits  and Networks" Lab Manual".,2015.

Funded Programmes Organized (Seminar/Conference/Workshop/FDP/STTP/Other)
S.No Title of the Programme Name of the Funding Agency
1 Seminar on “Applications of Wavelet Transform in Process Modelling’’" CSIR