Name S.Karthikeyan

Department Civil Engineering    
Qualification BE ME
Area of SpecializationStructural Engineering
Date of Joining KEC 04-06-2014
Experience in (Years) Teaching: 8.1 Industry: 2.9


Number of Papers Published

Number of Papers Presented    

International Journals :  07
National Journals         :  -

International Conferences: 04
National Conferences        : 02

Contact Details
Mobile: 9842598765
Office: 04294-226700 Intercom: 826

Journals Published (International)
  1. S.Karthikeyan., G.Vennila., "Analysis of Compressive Strength of Concrete Using Polyethylene Terepthalate (PET) Fibres",  International Journal of Applied Engineering Research , Vol.10, No.14 pp.34776-34778 November 2015
  2. S.Karthikeyan., P.Kulanthaivel., P.Ravichandran., M.P.Thiyaneswaran., "Experimental Study on Stabilization of Soil using Flyash and Quarry Dust", International Journal of Engineering Applied Sciences and Technology, Vol.1, Issue 5 pp 7-18, February 2016
  3. S.Karthikeyan., G.Vennila., "Study on Properties of Concrete using Polyethylene Terephthalate [PET] Fibres", Asian Journal of Research in Social Sciences and Humanities, Vol.6, No.8, pp.873-882, August 2016, DOI NUMBER: 10.5958/2249-7315.2016.00656.0
  4. S.Karthikeyan., S. Thoufiq Ahamed., "Study on Flexural Behaviour of Reinforced Cement Concrete using Pet Wires" , International Journal for Scientific Research & Development, Volume 5 Issue 1 pp 1243 – 1245 April 2017
  5. S.Karthikeyan., S. Thoufiq Ahamed., "Experimental Study on Ductile Behaviour of RCC Beams using PET Fibre Concrete", ETCEA - 2017 Conference Proceedings, Volume 5 Issue 8 pp 49 – 52 February 2017
  6. S.Karthikeyan., G.Vennila., "Study on utilization of waste plastic fibres as a construction entity", Ecology, Environment and Conservation, Volume 24, Issue 4, pp 1720-1725, December 2018.
  7. S.Karthikeyan., G.Vennila., "Ductile Behaviour of RCC Beams Reinforced with Polyethylene Terephthalate [PET] Fibres", Caribbean Journal of Science, Volume 50, Issue 1, pp 927-931, April 2019.
Papers Presented in International Conferences
  1. S.Karthikeyan., Dhivya Bharathi S., "Study on Factors Influencing Value Engineering Practices in Large Construction Projects", First International conference on Emerging trends in Science, Engineering & Technology, Nandha college of Technology, 04.03.2016 & 05.03.2016.
  2. S.Karthikeyan., Dhivya Bharathi S., "Study on the Impact of Value Engineering Practices in Large Construction Projects", International Conference on Sustainable Materials, Design and Applications - ICSMDA 16, Kongu Engineering College, 18.03.2016 & 19.03.2016.
  3. S.Karthikeyan, G.Udhaya Kumar, "Experimental Investigation of Waste Glass Powder as a Partial Replacement of Cement in Concrete", at Al-Ameen Engineering College, March 2014.
  4. S.Karthikeyan., S. Thoufiq Ahamed., "Experimental Study on Ductile Behaviour of RCC Beams using PET Fibre Concrete ", International Conference on Emerging trends in Civil Engineering and Architecture, Trinity College of Engineering, Trivandrum , 25.02.2017.
Papers Presented in National Conferences
  1. S.Karthikeyan, M.Dineshkumar, "Analysis of concrete cubes using polyethylene Terephthalate [PET] Fibres", National Conference on Construction, Computing, Control, Communication and Manufacturing, SRS College of Engineering and Technology, 04.04.2013 & 05.04.2013
  2. S.Karthikeyan., S. Thoufiq Ahamed., "Mechanical Properties Of Concrete Reinforced With Pet Wires", National conference on Multidisciplinary Approach to Focus on Strengthening of Infrastructure, Kongu Engineering College, 17.03.2017.
Subjects Handled
  1. Design of Steel Structures
  2. Advanced Steel Design
  3. Structural Analysis I
  4. Structural Analysis II
  5. Classical Methods of Structural Analysis
  6. Modern Methods of Structural Analysis
  7. Basics of Civil Engineering
  8. Construction Management
  9. Design of Structures II
  10. Rehabilitation of Structures
  11. Introduction to Engineering
  12. Mechanics of Structures I
Design of Steel Structures - Power Point Slides & Videos
  1. Properties of Steel Structures
  2. Steel Trusses
  3. Hot rolling process
Rehabilitation of Structures - Materials