Name Dr.P.Priakanth

Department Computer Technology - UG
Qualification MCA ME PhD
Area of Specialization Adhoc Networks, Wireless Sensor Networks 
Date of Joining KEC 02.06.1999
Experience in (Years) Teaching: 20 Years
Industry: -- Others: --  
Number of Papers Published
International Journals:   19
Number of Papers Presented
International Conferences:
 Number of Funded Reseayrch Projects  01
 Number of Consultancy Projects  03
 Number of Funded Programmes Organized  08
Books Published                                                   01
Contact Details
Mobile: 8903718836
Office: 04294-226591 Intercom: 591

Journals Published (International)

1. P.Priakanth, Dr.P.Thangaraj,“Energy and Channel Aware MAC Protocol to Achieve Fairness in Multi-Hop Mobile Ad-hoc Networks”, International Journal of Computer Science on Network Security (IJCSNS) Vol.8,No.4, pp. 29-35 April 2008.

2. P.Priakanth, Dr.P.Thangaraj, “A Traffic Aware adaptive Scheduling MAC protocol for energy efficiency and Fairness in Mobile Ad-hoc Networks”, International Journal on ISAST Transactions on Communications and Networking,Vol.2,No.1, pp.48-52,November 2008.

3.P.Priakanth, Dr.P.Thangaraj, “A channel adaptive energy efficient and fair scheduling MAC protocol for mobile Ad-hoc networks”, International Journal on American Journal of Computer Science, Science publication,Vol.5,No.1, pp.57-63 March 2009.

4. P.Priakanth, Dr.P.Thangaraj, “MaxMin Share Based Medium Access for  Attaining Fairness and Channel Utilization in Mobile Adhoc Networks”, Journal of Information and Communication Engineering, Vol.5, No.6, pp.388-393, June 2009.

5. T.Abirami, Dr.P.Priakanth, “Wireless Sensor Networks Fault Identification using Data Association”, Journal of Computer  Science,Vol.8, No.9, pp.1501-1505,2012.(Annex-II, Old List)

6. T.Abirami, Dr.P.Priakanth, “Genetic Algorithm Based Association Rules for Wireless Sensor Data”, European Journal of Scientific Research, Vol.85, No.4, pp.500-506, September 2012.(Annex-II, Old List)

7. T.Abirami, Dr.P.Priakanth, “Energy Efficient Wireless Sensor Network using Genetic Algorithm based Association Rules”, International Journal of Computer Applications, Vol.91, No.10, pp.8-12, April 2014.(Annex-II, Old List)

 8. Dr.S.Karunakaran, Dr.P.Priakanth, “Customized Weight Based Cluster Routing Protocol”, Journal of Basic and Applied Research International, Vol.14, No.4, pp. 272-278,November 2015.

9. S. Gopikrishnan,  Dr.P.Priakanth, “A Survey of Energy Efficient Data Aggregation Schemes in Wireless Sensor Networks”, Middle-East Journal of Scientific Research (MEJSR), Vol. 23,No.10, pp.2603-2612,November 2015.(Annex-II, Old List)

10. S. Gopikrishnan,  Dr.P.Priakanth,” HSDA: Hybrid communication for Secure Data Aggregation in Wireless Sensor Network”, Springer - Wireless Networks, First Online December 2015, Vol.22, Issue No.3, pp.1061-1078, April 2016.(Annex-1, New List)

 11. Dr.S.Karunakaran, Dr.P.Priakanth, " Information and Communication Disputes and Openings    

  in  Customizing Value-added  Services with ATM Kiosks", International Journal of Scientific

  Review and Research in Engineering and Technology, Vol.No.1, Issue No.2, Page No.93-100 ,

  Feb 2016.

12. S.Gobikrishnan, Dr.P.Priakanth, " Certain Investigations on Data Aggregation issues in 

 Wireless Sensor  Networks", World Applied Sciences Journal , Vol.No.34 , Issue No 2, Page No

 : 256-267, May 2016.(Annex-II, Old List)

13. Mr.S.Gopikrishnan, Dr.P.Priakanth, " Hybird Tree Construction for Sustainable Delay Aware Data Aggregation in Wireless Sensor Networks", Wireless Personal Communications , Vol.No.90, Issue No 2 , Page No:923-945.  (Annex-1, New List)

14. Mr.S.Gopikrishnan, Dr.P.Priakanth, " A Synopsis of Energy Optimized Hybird Data

      Aggregation Algorithm for WSN", International Journal of Control Theory and    

      Applications, Vol.No:10,  Issue No.1, Page No:47-55, February 2017.(Annex-II, Old List)

15. Mr.S.Gopikrishnan, Dr.P.Priakanth, "Hybird Collision Aware Data Aggregation in

      Wireless  Sensor Networks", International Journal of Networking and Virtual

      Organizations.Vol.No:17,  Issue No.2/3, Page No:202-228, 2017.  (Annex-II, Old List)

16. Mr.S.Gopikrishnan, Dr.P.Priakanth, " Hybird Communication for Energy Efficient Data 

      Aggregation in Wireless Sensor networks ", International Journal of Ad Hoc and

      Ubiquitous Computing ,Vol.No:25,  Issue No.4, Page No:225-240, 2017.(Annex-1, New List)

17. Mr.S.Gopikrishnan, Dr.P.Priakanth, " Lifetime Enhancement in Wireless Sensor Networks

      Using Binary Search Tree based Data Aggregation", Journal of Applied Research and Technology,(Annex-1, New List)

18.Dr.P.Priakanth, Mr.S.Gopikrishnan,Mr.V.Jothiprakash,"Surveillance in Nuclear Power Plant using Internet of Things",journal of Innovative Technology and Exploring Engineering(IJITEEE)ISSN:2278-3075,vOLUME-8

Issue -5S March,2019

19.  Mr.S.Gopikrishnan, Dr.P.Priakanth,Rolly Maulana Awnagga,"HSIR :hybrid architecture for sensor identification and registration for IoT applications" Journal of Supercomputing Feb 2019(online)

20. Mr.S.Gopikrishnan,P.Priakanth, "IBPS:iBeacons Based Improved Indoor Positioning System" International journal of Recent Technology and Engineering(IJRTE) ISSN : 2277- 3878 , volume - 8 Issue - 5,January 2020.

Paper Presented in International Conferences
  1. S.Karunakaran, A.P.Ponselvakumar, Dr.P.Priakanth, “Effective Cluster Head based Routing Protocol for Mobile Ad-hoc Networks”, Advanced Technologies for Research & Product Development (ICATRPD 2012), September, 2012.

Books Published:
  1. Dr.S.Gopikrishnan, Dr.P.Priakanth, “Data Aggregation Algorithms for wireless sensor networks”, Royal Book Publishing International,First Edition 2018

Books Chapter :

1.Dr.P.Priakanth and S.Gopikrishnan published a chapter tit;ed”Machine learning Techniques for Internet og Things” in Intergrating the Internet of Things into software Engineering practices, IGI Global online bookstore  January 2019.

2. S.Gopikrishnan and Dr.P.Priakanth published a chapter tit;ed ”Web based IOT application Development” in Intergrating the Internet of Things into software Engineering practices, IGI Global online bookstore January 2019.

Funded Research Projects
S.No Title of the Project Name of the Funding Agency
1 A Weighted Association Rule mining for energy conservation in wireless sensor networks UGC
Consultancy Projects
S.No Title of the Project Name of the Company
1 Web site Development
Shine Tech, Erode
   2   Lorry Office Automation    
SMT Transport, Karur
   3 Enterprise Office Software Development    
 M.R. Textiles, Erode
Funded Programmes Organized (Seminar/Conference/Workshop/FDP/STTP/Other)
S.No Title of the Programme Name of the Funding Agency
1      Performance issues in infrastructure less wireless network AICTE
 Systems, Applications and Products  AICTE
 3 Wireless Multimedia Technologies AICTE
 4 Research Issues in DNA Computing Technology DBT
 5Emerging Trends in Rough Sets, Fuzzy Sets Data mining & Granular – Soft Computing CSIR
 6Cloud Computing for bioinformatics Applications DBT
 7Computational Intelligence System Based on Fuzzy Logic in Medical Diagnosis and Bioinformatics CSIR    
 8     Advances in Computational Methods for Gene Data Analysis and Disease Prediction DBT