Name P.Kulanthaivel

Department Civil Engineering
Qualification ME (Ph.D)
Area of Specialization Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering 
Date of Joining KEC 01-06-2015
Experience in (Years) Teaching: 4.3 Years
Industry: -- Others: --  

 Number of Papers Published International Journals: 7
 Number of Papers PresentedNational Conferences: 4

International Conferences: 6

Contact Details
Mobile: 9524957886
Office: 04294-226700

Journals Published (International):
1. Kulanthaivel.P,Ravichandran.P,Thiyaneswaran.M.P.,Karthikayan.S, "Experimental study on stabilization of soil using Fly ash and Quarry dust", International Journal of Engineering Applied Sciences and Technology, Volume 1 Issue 5 ,pp-7-18.
2.Kulanthaivel.P,Sampathkumar.K,Mukesh.T.S.,"Study on Efect of Ultra Fine fly ash on the properties of concrete", International Journal of Rearch in Advanced Technology, Volume 2 Issue 4 ,pp-1-9.
3.P.Kulanthaivel ,M.Arun kumar, S.Vinodhkumar,K. Sampathkumar, "Study on Properties of SCC with Partial Replacement of Cement by
GGBFS and Fly Ash",The Asian Review of Civil Engineering, ISSN:2249 - 6203 Vol. 5 No.1, 2016, pp.31-35
4, P.Kulanthaivel,.S.Vinodhkumar, D.Ramya,"Index and Chemical Properties of Block Cotton Soil Blended with Flyash",International Journal of Research in Advanced Technology,Vol. 1, Issue 6, JUNE 2016
 5.P.Kulanthaivel,A.T.Manikandan, Venkata Radha Lokesh, Y.Ibrahim, B.Dheebikha,"Study on Effect of Fibres with Cement on Engineering Properties of Soils,"International Journal of Research in Engineering and Technology, eISSN: 2319-1163, pISSN: 2321-7308,Volume: 06 Issue: 02 ,Feb-2017
6.P.Kulanthaivel, K.Varun Viswanath, K. Sampathkumar,V.Naveenraj,"An Analysis of Variation and Change Orders in Real Estate Projects",International Journal of ChemTech Research,ISSN:0974-4290,Vol.10,No.8,pp 295-306,2017.
7.P.Kulanthaivel, B.Soundara, Arunava Das, " Evaluation of engineering properties of problematic soils using Bacillus pasteurii," Research Journal of Pharmacy and Technology, ISSN :0974-3618, May 2019,Vol.12, Issue 5, pp 2098-2102

Paper Presented in National Conferences:
1.P.Kulanthaivel,V.K.Stalin,K.Pachaiyappan"Behavior of Geosynthetic Encased Granular/Compaction Piles",conducted by Indian Geotechnical Society, College of Engineering,Pune,December-2015
P.Kulanthaivel,S.Vinodhkumar,T.S.Mukesh"Performance analysis of Geogrid Encased Stone column in Soft Clay",conducted by Department of Civil Engineering, Government College of Technology ,Coimbatore,May-2016
P.Kulanthaivel,S.Vinodhkumar,K.Gayathiri"Support Vector Machine Applied to Stability Analysis of slopes based on Limit Equilibrium Analysis",conducted by Department of Civil Engineering, Government College of Technology ,Coimbatore,May-2016
An Analysis of Variation and Change Orders in Real Estate Projects",National conference on Latest Advances in Civil Engineering for Sustainable Development, SNS College of Technology,Coimbatore,April 2017.

Paper Presented in International Conferences:

1.Kulanthaivel.P,Sampathkumar.K,Prakash.P,"Study on Optimization of Time,Cost and Quality in Construction Projects",conducted by Department of Civil Engineering, Kongu Engineering College,Perundurai, March-2016
Kulanthaivel.P,Mukesh.T.S.,"Stabilization of Soil by Using Fly ash and Quarry Dust",conducted by Department of Civil Engineering, Surya Engineering College,Erode, March-2016

P.Kulanthaivel ," Analysis of HR Recruitment small and medium scale construction companies",International conference on Recent development in Engineering, Science, Management and Humanities,Indian Federation of United Nations Associations, New Delhi,2017.
.P.Kulanthaivel,"Competency based  Selection Process of Human Resources in small and medium scale construction companies",International Conference on  Advanced Material Technologies,Dadi Institute of Engineering and Technology, Andhra Pradesh,2017.
P.Kulanthaivel,"Selection Process in Small and Medium Scale Construction Companies",International Conference on Research Trends in Engineering, Applied Science and Management,Modi Institute of Technology, Kota,2017.
P.Kulanthaivel,"A Study on Mechanical Properties of RPC with Addition of Mineral Admixtures",International Conference on Sustainable Practices in Civil Engineering,KPR Institute of Engineering and Technology, Coimbatore,2017.

Consultancy Activities:

 Sl. No Title and Nature of the Consultancy / Testing / Training Name and Address of the Organization Role played Period Amount generated
 01 Consultancy KN Infrastructure,61, Nalliyankadu Near Town line Colony,Kumalankuttai, Erode In charge 08.07.16 16000.00
 02 Consultancy KN Infrastructure, 61, NalliyankaduKumalankuttai, Erode In charge 26.07.16 18000.00
 03 Consultancy Thiru.c.Krishnan,Tumeric& Textile Market, Ashokapuram  Erode. In charge 07.10.16 24000.00

Seminars / Conferences / Symposia / STTP / SDP / Workshops organized
 Sl. No Date

Seminars / Conferences / Symposia / STTP / SDP / Workshops organized

                    Topic / Title Name of the Coordinator

Name of the funding agency and amount sanctioned

If completed the date of submission of UC with reference

   01. 27.01.17 Workshop Introduction to MSP Software Tool For Construction Industries P.Kulanthaivel IIPC Completed 02.02.2017
   02. 18.08.17 Workshop Civil Engineer’s Challenges in Geotechnical Investigation and Foundation Design P.Kulanthaivel VKP Geotecnics - IGS KEC Student's Chapter
 Completed 19.08.2017

 03. 14.02.18 Workshop Geo technical Aspects of Earthquake Resistant Structures P.Kulanthaivel IGS- KEC Student's Chapter Completed
 04. 20.08.18 Workshop Vaastu Shastra in Design Application P.Kulanthaivel IGS- KEC Student's Chapter  Completed
 05. 01.04.2019 Workshop Ground Improvement Techniques for Infrastructure development - Theory to Practical P.Kulanthaivel IGS-Coimbatore ChapterCompleted


Subjects Handled:

 Sl. No Subject Name
 Number of Times Handled
 Course Content
 01. Soil Mechanics
 04  Soil Mechanics
 02 Foundation Engineering
 04 Foundation Engineering
 03 Ground Improvement Techniques
 04 Engineering Geology
 05 Advanced Design of Sub-Structures
 06 Project Safety Management
 07 Basics of Civil and Mechanical Engineering 01 
 08 Air Pollution Management 01 
 09 Road Safety Management 01 
 10 Introduction to Engineering 01