Name D. Vijay Anand

Department Information Technology
Qualification MCA ME 
Area of Specialization Data Mining
Date of Joining KEC 27-06-2005
Experience in (Years) Teaching: 12 Industry: 0.6 Others: --  
Number of Papers Published
National Journals: --
International Journals: 5
Number of Papers Presented
National Conferences: 17
International Conferences: 3
Number of Consultancy Projects 2
Contact Details
Mobile: 9942013143
Office: 04294-227272 Intercom: 272
Journals Published (International):
  1. D. Vijay Anand, D.Karthikeyan "Privacy Ensured High Dimensional Data Classification using SVM" International Journal of Advanced Research in Data Mining and Cloud Computing Vol.1, Issue 2 August 2013
  2. D. Vijay Anand, Dr. C. Nalini "Cuckoo Based Rule Induction Algorithm" International Journal of Applied Engineering Research, Volume 9, Number 24, pp. 27425-27432, ISSN 0973-4562 December 2014
  3. D. Vijay Anand, M. Abinaya "Privacy Protection in personalized Web Search" International Journal on Advances in Natural and Applied Sciences Vol.9, Issue:6, pp.209-213, ISSN:1995-0772 March 2015
  4. D. Vijay Anand, J. DIvya, "An efficient privacy preserving utility mining based on perturbation algorithm", SS international journal of multidisciplinary research, Vol.2, issue 2, pp.29-38,ISSN:2395-7964, Feb 2016
  5. D. Vijay Anand, C. Poongodi, J. Premalatha, K. Lalitha, "Region based find and spray scheme for co-operative data communication in vehicular cyber-physical systems", International Journal of Intelligent Automation & Soft Computing Vol.0, issue.0, Page No 1-7,2016
Paper Presented in National Conferences:
  1. D. Vijay Anand  “Automated UML Diagram Generation” National Conference on Recent Trends in Advanced Computing Techniques, 27.01.2005 to 29.01.2005
  2. D. Vijay Anand “Automated UML Diagram Generation” UGC Sponsored National Conference on Computer Science and Informatics, 18.02.2005 to 19.02.2005
  3. D. Vijay Anand, S. P. Vijay Anand “Effective Analysis of Brain Tumour through Knowledge based Image Mining” National Conference on Social Benefits through Applications of IT, 29.12.2006 to 30.12.2006
  4. D.Vijay Anand, Ms. R. Devipriya , Ms.R.Manjula Devi, “Intrusion Detection Using Data Mining”, Recent Trends in Innovative Technology, (NCRTIT’09), 09.03.09
  5. D. Vijay Anand, Madhu Ramya “An Improved Closeness Method for Privacy Preserving Data Mining”, National conference on Information Technology (NCIT-12), February 2012
  6. D. Vijay Anand, Shakthidevi, “A New Privacy Measure for Data Publishing”, National conference on Information Technology (NCIT-12), February 2012
  7. D. Vijay Anand, Madhu Ramya, “T-Closeness, A New Method for Preserving the Released Data”, International Conference on Science and Innovative Engineering (ICSIE’12), March 2012
  8. D. Vijay Anand, Poovarasi, “Slicing an efficient approach to Privacy preserving data 
  9. publishing”, 4th National Conference on  Innovations in Information Technology 
  10. (NCIIT’13), February 2013
  11. D. Vijay Anand, Karthikeyan, “Privacy Preserving using SVM classifier for high dimensional data”, 4th National Conference on  Innovations in Information Technology (NCIIT’13), February 2013
  12. D. Vijay Anand, Poovarasi, “Overlapping slicing – An innovative approach for privacy preserving data publishing”, National Conference on Smart systems (NCS2), March 2013
  13. D. Vijay Anand, Karthikeyan, “Privacy Ensured High Dimensional Data Classification using SVM”, National Conference on Recent Innovations in Science and Engineering (RISE’13),March 2013
  14. D. Vijay Anand, V. Divya, “An Effective Approach for Private Record Matching”, National Conference on Computational Intelligence in Electrical and Electronics Engineering in Association with IEEE (NCIEEE2014), February 2014
  15. D. Vijay Anand, M. Abinaya, “Confidential User Profile Construction for Personalized Web Search”, National Conference on current Trends in Information Technology (NCCTIT 2015), January 2015
  16. D. Vijay Anand, M. Abinaya, “Privacy Protection in Personalized Web Search”, National Conference on Intelligent Computing (NCIC 2015), January 2015
  17. D. Vijay Anand, "Detection of phishing URL using Fuzzy Association Rule Mining", National Conference on Innovative Research Trends in Computer Science and Technology, March 2017 
Paper Presented in International Conferences:
  1. D. Vijay Anand, Shakthidevi, “Data Publishing with New Privacy Measure”, International Conference on Science and Innovative Engineering (ICSIE’12), March 2012
  2. D. Vijay Anand, V. Divya, “Private Record Matching for Unstructured Data using HybridApproach”, International Conference on Innovations in Information Embedded and Communication Systems, March 2014
  3. D. Vijay Anand, J.Divya, "Privacy preserving utility mining based on  FPUTT algorithm", International Conference on Current innovations in Engineering and Technology, December 2015
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