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Mission of Koinonia Academy Athletic Program

The Koinonia Academy is committed to providing an afterschool sports program that supports Christian values as taught by parents, assists parents in forming children into mature Christians, teaches students how to love God and one another, and helps them assume personal responsibility for the consequences of their actions through participation in a vigorous and competitive sports program.


Pope John Paul II stated that “sport is a school of inner balance and outer control – an introduction to more and lasting conquests.  Wholesome competition develops team spirit and fair play with regard to the opponent.  Sport trains both the body and spirit for effort, courage, balance, sacrifice, nobility, strong relationships, courtesy and fair play.  To be a good sportsman, one must have honesty with oneself and with others, loyalty, moral strength over and above physical strength, perseverance, a spirit of collaboration and sociability, generosity, broadness of outlook and attitude and ability to live in harmony with  others and to share:  all these requirements belong to the moral order”.   (Sources:  “Human and Sporting Qualities Make Men Brothers”, “Let the Practice of Sport Always Promote Peace”, “The Most Authentic Dimension of Sport: to Create A New Civilization of Love.”)


John Paul II affirmed that the Church “considers sports as an instrument of education when elevated human and spiritual ideals are fostered; when they form young people in a complete way in values such as loyalty, perseverance, friendship, solidarity and peace.  Sports, overcoming the diversity of cultures and ideologies, provide the ideal occasion for dialogue and understanding among people for the construction of the desired civilization of love.” 

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Koinonia Academy plans to strive to achieve the hope of Pope Benedict XVI that “the involvement in sport may contribute to the integral development of the person, and that it may never be separated from respect for moral and educational values”.  (http://www.catholicnewsagency.com – Les Combes, Italy, July 21, 2009