March 11, 2018

Post date: Mar 11, 2018 6:49:28 PM

Brother Knights,

The exemplification on February 25th was a great success. there were 31 candidates that went through the exemplification. it was with your help that this was accomplished. It was a great team effort. Thank you for all you hard work.

Now Let's try to exemplify what we stand for as good Christians. Everyone is watching so Let's portray who we are. If we signed up a new member or know one of the new knights, help them get to our meetings.This is how our assembly will grow. Let's show our commitment as a knight. God Bless you and hope to see you at our next meeting at Holy spirit Retirement home.

Bob Kenaley will be sending out e-mail notice reminders of the meetings, so if you think Bob doesn't have your email address, please send him an email so he has your correct e-mail address ( phone #(712) 546-8219. Please check your e-mail to keep informed of new happenings.

Watch the Garrigan Assembly website for any further information. (