Where do we go from here?

"When you lose someone you love, you die too, and you wait around for your body to catch up."   -John Scalzi

   I've been here before. Used Google sites to make memorials for a couple friends lost not long ago. Using Google Analytics I can monitor traffic on the site; not individuals, I can't tell who is who, but the number of hits, average time on the site, number of page views, all sorts of bs. While this one is a little different, this one carries a unique url, I do know what will happen. After the initial surge, traffic drops off; about 50% per day, and before long it's down to about zero. Subtle spikes on birthdays and special dates, but before long, down to zero. Interest drops as we tire of the same thing, when there is nothing new to be found. It's understandable. It's about life. This one is, sadly, over. And while we will carry Bois' memory with us, once we have poured over existing images and posted our comments on his life, there will be nothing new to add. Nothing new to look for.
I wondered about the logic of getting the domain name, in a few years no one will be watching, we'll all still care, we just won't be coming back here. Or will we? Maybe I should have made this a memorial to our class as a whole, could have gotten  'FallPledgeClass.com', or something like that. But I know who hurts the most. It's family. So this is for them, and it will carry Bois' name. Maybe when the next brother falls, we can add a page for him. And so on.