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The "Jorn's New Job FAQ"

There’s a rumor that you left CenturyLink. True?

Yes. My last day at CTL was April 27th.

Where are you going?

I started at a company called Rundeck on April 30th.

Sounds scary; are you scared?

A little, yes. I’ve been a very large companies this entire century, with a vast array of products. I’m now at a very small company with essentially a single solution. I have a lot of learning to do.

Sounds exciting; are you excited?

Definitely! Rundeck has a great offering, and the people are super cool. I have a lot of learning to do.

What are you going to be doing there?

They hired me to be me. :)

Seriously, what’s your job?

I’m kind of like a Sales Engineer, being the tech guy supporting sales folks.  It will be a lot of presales support, along with manning the booth and maybe doing talks at tech conferences. It’s a small place, so we’ll be pitching in anywhere we can. You know, being me.

But what does Rundeck do?

Ops as a service. Reducing toil. Enabling the SRE (site reliability engineer)

Are you moving to San Francisco?

No. (I’d never move for a company.) I’ll continue to telecommute, aside from anything mentioned above that puts me on a plane.

So, then, lots of travel?

Hard to tell at this point.

Big pay raise?

 Pretty much a lateral move.

Do they use Slack?


So, were you looking?

Sort of, yes.  But this came as a result of being recruited by a college/friend.

Yeah, but did you want to leave CenturyLink?

 Honestly, yes. I loved what I was doing, and had great set of coworkers.  But I’ve lost my confidence in CTL’s ability to innovate in that space, and a recent reorganization made the situation less than satisfying. I’m not the only one leaving/gone.

Can you get me a job?

 Hang tight; I just started.

Can you fix my laptop?