4th Quarter Book Report:

iMovie Trailer Book Report Project

7th Grade

Due Date:  April 28, 2015


The 4th quarter book report project will be to create an iMovie over the novel you have read.  The iMovie will be an advertisement of the novel that will entice others to read the book.  In addition to the novel, you will also type up a 1 page paper that explains the conflict, resolution and theme of the novel.  The paper will be for my eyes only, but the iMovies will be shared with the entire class.  The novel you choose needs to be a book that has not yet been made into a movie.


            To begin your iMovie, choose three major scenes with one being the first part of the climax (remember: DO NOT give away the climax!) from the novel to visualize and videotape.  The other two scenes are up to you.  Use the attached outline to help you plan out your scenes before you begin filming.  You may use other students in class, family members, or friends as actors as needed.  You may use props and costumes, but they are not required.  Your iMovies may be made using the premade trailers in iMovie or from your own imagination. 


            Think about adding a voice-over and/or music to explain the movie and add drama as is done in many movie trailers.  Flashy headlines or captions would be great too.  Think about the movie trailers we watched in class (Divergent, Last Action Hero, Guardians of the Galaxy) and watch some different ones on youtube to get ideas.  Your trailer should be anywhere from 2 to 5 minutes in length. 


Scoring Guide:


_________________/60    iMovie – includes three scenes that act out key parts of the

novel; iMovie is enticing and is encouraging the audience to see the movie.


_________________/15    Music or voice over is included to create drama; title & author are clearly shown.


_________________/10    Theme is clearly portrayed.


_________________/15    One page paper explaining the conflict, resolution and theme.


_________________/100 Total Points Possible

Staci English,
Mar 25, 2015, 8:50 AM