3rd Quarter Book Report

Sequence Graphic Organizer

L.A. 7


Due Date:  March 7, 2014




Your 3rd quarter book report assignment is to read an approved book and to create an illustrated sequence graphic organizer (timeline).  You need to write twelve events in sequence that happened in the life of your character.  When revealing the events, you need to use specific words and complete thoughts.  Remember the people who read your timeline may not have read your book, so avoid pronouns with unclear antecedents.  Once you have written your events in chronological order, you need to illustrate your timeline.  Your illustrations should be related to your book. 


You must follow these guidelines:

ü  Your timeline should be on a full-sized poster board.  (You may need to cut it in half and tape it end to end so that you have one long poster.)

ü  Your poster should be colorful and creative.

ü  Sentences should be either typed or written in blue or black INK.

ü  Your sentences should be free of errors and well-written.

ü  Your sentences should be filled with details (imagery is important to the viewer of your report who has not read your book!)

ü  Your poster should be neat.


Scoring Guide (attach this sheet to your final project):


______________20      Illustrations

______________60      Twelve elements of the plot, sequencing, creative and interesting sentences, and vivid language and imagery.


______________10       Spelling, grammar, and punctuation

______________10       Neatness


______________100 Total Points