4th Quarter Book Report:

Book Report Project Presentation

L.A. 6

4th Quarter

Due Date:  April 23, 2015


       The 4th quarter book report project will be in three parts.  Please follow the rubric below very closely so as not to leave out any parts of the project.


Part 1:  The summary should be 1-2 pages and include all major events in the book.  You must include the author, title, setting, characters, major conflict, climax, and resolution.   Paper must be well written and free of spelling and grammatical errors.  Don’t forget an introductory hook to grab the reader’s attention.  DO NOT PLAGIARIZE THE SUMMARY!  It needs to be in your own words with the beginning, middle and end of the story.

*Typed summaries will receive 5 bonus points.


Part 2:  Create a presentation to share the book with the class.  This may be a poster depicting plot map, a timeline, life-size creation of the main character, diorama of a major scene, movie poster, movie t-shirt, etc.  It may be on posterboard, PowerPoint, Prezi, or other forms.  Other ideas are welcome, but be sure to approve it with me before you begin. 


Part 3:  Present your book to the class using the above project.  Be sure to mention the title, author and your response to the book.  Presentations should be no longer than 3 minutes each.


Scoring Guide:


_______________40 points  Summary includes hook, all required literary elements, and details from the novel.

_______________40 points  Project is creative, neat, and an appropriate reflection of the novel.

_______________20 points  Presentation to the class is organized, interesting, and student has clear knowledge of the novel. 


______________100 Points Possible

Staci English,
Mar 25, 2015, 8:47 AM