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Knox County Jail
327 Park Street
Rockland, Me 04841

Phone: (207) 594-0430
Fax: (207) 594-1262



The Knox County Correctional Facility is located adjacent to the Knox County Public Safety Building and is approximately one mile from the county courthouse. The structure was completed in November 1991. The jail portion of the building was approved by the State Department of Corrections to hold 49 long-term prisoners, nine 48-hour prisoners, and two 4-hour prisoners, for a total capacity of 60. 

The facility was not certified to house juvenile inmates and we are required to separate female prisoners from the male population. In 2007 we received a variance from Maine DOC to house 86 inmates. We are also, as all the County Correction facilities in Maine, working as a unified system with the State Prisons. A tax cap for our jail is in place. This means any more funding needed to run our jail comes from the State and not from the taxpayers.  It is somewhat complicated with the jail budget going to a fiscal year and all other County budgets go from January through December. This joint sharing of beds has saved the County many dollars in boarding fees.  

The Knox County Correctional Facility has a very unique role within the State of Maine. Knox County has two State prisons located within the County, which adds a considerable amount of responsibilities to the correctional facility.  The County has its own Transport Teams, which at times are extremely busy because they are responsible for all transportation to and from the Courts. Juveniles are transported to appropriate holding facilities and are only at the Knox County Correctional Facility for processing and for short-term stays.

Inmate Services


  • Intake Health Screen
  • Medication Reconciliation
  • Health History & Exam
  • Specific Screen

Detoxification (Medical):

  • Detoxification Screening
  • Medically Supported Detoxification
  • Subutex - Pregnancy
  • Continue MAT


  • Formal Assessment
  • Telephone Screen (Program)


  • Treatment Program
  • 'Bed-to-Bed'
  • Care Coordination
  • MH Referral


  • Individual Contact
  • Groups 

Alcoholics Anonymous / Narcotics Anonymous:

Inmate Programs

Adult Education:

GED, Computer Training, Resume development, Job Application assistance, Use of Library, Tutoring and Educational Assistance.

Adult Social Services Programs:

AIDS Information classes, Anger Management, Substance Abuse Counseling, AA Cases, and Bible Studies. On occasion special interest classes are held, such as Parenting Classes.

Adult Work Programs:

Work Release, Work Rehabilitation - local seafood and construction companies, St. Bernard's Church and other businesses if applicable. Businesses pay them wages and supervise them picking them up and bringing them back at night. We hold their money and pay on their child support and fines. They have some money to take with them when they are released to start with. They also more than likely will have a job to go to. 

Adult Community Service:

Available to non-profit organizations upon request such as mowing, clean up details roadside- beaches, animal shelter. 

 Other Adult Programs:

First time OUI offenders program, CARA Program (intense drug rehabilitation), re-entry program available, GED Program, food preparation, tractor safety, wood working, dog grooming, art, farming and our Garden Program.  We look to do programs which will enable them to go out in society and be a productive citizen, able to work and support themselves.  We hope this prevents them from coming back.

Major John Hinkley
Jail Administrator

Lt. Kathy Carver
Asst. Jail Administrator

Lt. Cynthia Gardner
Programs & Services

Timothy McFarland
Asst. Programs Officer

Heidi Norweg
Admin. Assistant

Robert Wood
Transport Supervisor

Sgt. Marcia Clark
Shift Supervisor

Sgt. Elmer Sweetland
Shift Supervisor

Sgt. Ruben Page
Shift Supervisor

Sgt. Warren Heath IV
Shift Supervisor