2014 - May 29th Meeting (6:30PM)


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  1. Review of Minutes, March 2014 (James Brisol)

  2. Review of April Financials 2014 (Scott Schumpert / Art Fuller)

    The school recognized a $(5,294) deficit for the Month of April compared to a $67,742 surplus in March. This was due primarily to no IDEA or Title 1 grant submissions in April vs $49,678 in March. Additionally, Transportation and Food Service Expenses were up $7,247 and $7,223, respectively over March because of the Spring Break in that prior month.

    There is a YTD surplus of $226,485 vs. the YTD budgeted/projected surplus of $63,778, reflecting a favorable variance of $162,707.

    Other notable items:
    April Health/Dental/Vision (6050.05) expenses are back up to the normal two billings per month from Metro, increasing current month benefits expense by $7,162 over the prior month. Community Marketing Expense (7004.03) was up by $2,460 over the prior month due to $3,000 expended on radio advertisements. Accounting Expenses were up by $2,636 due primarily to a catch-up preparation of two quarterly compilation reports required under certain grant agreements.

  3. 2014 - 2015 Budget Reduction Draft for KA (Art Fuller)
    First Read of State Reduction Proposal
    The following board action will be deferred, due to recent news of state education funding reductions. The anticipated reduction for Nashville schools is about $400 to $450 per student. For KA, this equates to about $125,000 for the upcoming school year.

    The updated budget below includes the following assumptions for board discussion.
    -Proposed annual board fundraising goal > $20,000+
    -Enrollment of 1 to 2 additional students per grade level (will stretch facility capacity, a little).
    -Reduce annual staff incentives pool by 50% (about $30,000 total)
    -Streamline a few operational areas related to costs for sports and/or general supplies.
    -Reduction in employee raises by ($500 per FTE).

    Action Item - To Be Deferred
    PDF File - https://app.box.com/s/qtft6dmzirv3loxjxznw
    Excel File - https://app.box.com/s/4h9uqwtejefzkckc9chh

  4. Development Committee Planning (James Bristol)

  5. Next Generation Learning Challenges Grant Received (Art Fuller)
    KA received $100,000 planning grant for KA High
    Officially recognized as a National K-12 School Model for College

    May 15, 2014, Tennessean article

    Thanks to Jeff Bradford for Public Relations outreach.

    The planning grant provides financial support for organizational planning, and opens the door for additional national level grants.

  6. Facility Update (Stephen McGraw)
    Sub-Committee Work & Next Steps

  7. Review of 2014 TCAP Quick Scores for KA! (Art Fuller)
    1 out of 2 students scored Advanced (at least one subject)
    9 out of 10 students scored Proficient (at least one subject)

  8. Review of KA High District Interview (James Bristol)
    Decision and recommendations next 30 days.