Welcome to my home page!

I am an Assistant Professor of Computer Science and Engineering at Wright State University and am part of the Kno.e.sis Research Center. Before Wright State I was working at the Center for Eldercare and Rehabilitation Technology at University of Missouri where I worked on using vision based technologies to detect activity pattern changes as a means to detect physical deterioration in older adults. Specifically, using unobtrusive depth sensors, I looked at analyzing activities of daily living, including sedentary behaviors (how long the person was sitting in a given day, how many times he/ she got up, and sat down) and the deviation in these behaviors through trend analyses. Currently, I am interested in practical applications of machine learning and data analytics to address challenging healthcare solutions such as dementia management. For any questions related to working with me, please do not hesitate to email me at tanvi[dot]banerjee[at]wright[dot]edu.


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