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Guidance Lessons

The goal of the counseling office is to support the healthy growth and development of the total child (social, emotional, and academic) in his/ her world of school, home, and community as well as helping  to create a safe and caring environment in our school.  The counseling program is designed to meet the needs of students, parents, and staff in the school community through the coordination of the following services:
Classroom Guidance - The Guidance Curriculum includes lessons on learning skills, personal and body safety, bully awareness, conflict resolution, friendship skills, and careers. 
Group Counseling-   A variety of groups will be offered each year such as changing families, friendship, anger control, military deployment, and social skills.  
Parent Consultation - Counselors may visit with parents regarding academic or social issues related to their children.  The parent, teachers, administrator or counselor may initiate the consultation.
Teacher Consultation - The counselor has ongoing communication with teachers through collaboration, meetings,  and conferences to support students learning and growth.   

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August K-4
Week 2

Topic/Discussion- Integrity and Super Leaders  
Book Reading- Superhero Instruction Manual
Activity- I'm a super kid! My super power is?

September K-4
Week 1
Topic/Discussion- Cooperation
Video- Monkey Cooperation, Chimpanzee Cooperation, and Bottlenose Dolphins problem solve (www.youtube.com)
Activity-Cooperative Scenarios

Week 2

Topic/Discussion- Friendships
Video- Howard B. Wigglebottom and Getting Along with Others (www.youtube.com)
Activity- Friendship Trivia Game
October K-4
Week 1

Topic/Discussion- Respect
Activity- Respect at home, school, and in my community.
How Does Respect look and sound?

Week 2

Topic/Discussion- Making Good Choices
Activity- Thumbs up/Thumbs down is it safe, respectful, a good choice scenario?
How do we use coping skills to help us make good choices?

November K-4
Week 1
Topic/Discussion- Empathy vs. Sympathy
Video- Inside Out/Sadness helps Riley (www.youtube.com)
Craft- How to make a change!

Week 2
Topic/Discussion- Bullying
Video- Kids talk about bullying(www.youtube.com)
Activity- Role play bullying situations.

December K-4
Week 1
Topic/Discussion- Compassion
Book Reading-Be Kind by Pat Zietlow and Jen Hill
Trim Santa's Beard- A daily countdown for "Acts of Kindness".

January K-4
Week 1

Topic/Discussion-Responsibility and Grade Cards
Academic Self Assessment
Review Grade Card Scale
Book Reading- What If Everybody Did That by Ellen Javernick
Video- Taking Responsibility for Your Actions/ The Andy Griffith Show (www.youtube.com)

January K-4
Week 2

Topic/Discussion-Responsibilities at home.
List responsibilities, rewards, and consequences.
Book Reading- Splat the Cat the Big Helper by Rob Sutton.

February K-4
Week 1

Topic/Discussion- Acceptance 
Kindness Week Activity

February K-4
Week 2

Topic/Discussion- Diversity

March K-4
Week 1

April K-4
Week 1

 April K-4
Week 2

Week 1
MAP Testing

May K-4
Week 2

Topic/Discussion-  Summer Safety (Water, sun, and stranger safety.)

Video- Longfellow's Whale Tales/ American Red Cross

Activity- Safety Quiz