The mission of Knippa Collegiate, through partnership with SWTJC, is to provide each student an accelerated, rigorous, and blended education leading to an Associates Degree, or up to 60 college credits hours upon graduation. The staff is committed to providing personalized and supportive instruction that will enable students to meet the high academic standards of state assessments, college entrance exams, and the requirements of college curriculum.


The Knippa ISD proudly promotes the Knippa Collegiate. The Knippa Collegiate is the only TEA designated early college high school located in southwest Texas from San Antonio to Del Rio. The Knippa ISD provides the premier education in southwest Texas serving as the parent choice of educational excellence in academics, athletics, and arts.

...where it takes a little more to be a Rockcrusher!


  • On TEA standardized tests, the Knippa ISD outperforms 98% of school districts in the state
  • Approximately 40% of the Knippa ISD teachers possess a Master's Degree
  • Approximately 90% of rising freshman qualify for enrollment into this program annually
  • An average class size of 17 students per class
  • Zero financial cost is burdened by parents whether in tuition or books
  • 60 hours of college coursework is finished concurrently with a high school classes
  • An Associates of Arts degree is conferred weeks before the high school diploma is actually conferred
  • 40% of 2016 graduates will obtain this degree; more than 65% of 2017 graduates will also achieve this feat