Middle School Band

Mrs. Burczyk, Mrs. Kuehn & Mr. Weiss
Welcome to band!
Our philosophy is to provide a warm, supportive, and stimulating environment that encourages active responsibility for learning, promotes self-discipline, and develops teamwork. Our commitment is to nurture the development of young musicians.
Making music is a gift. We invite all students to enjoy that opportunity!
MS Band Schedule 2018-2019

1st Hour7:20-8:076th Grade Band
2nd Hour8:10-8:536th Grade Band
3rd Hour8:56-9:39Prep
4th Hour9:42-10:258th Grade Band
8th Lunch10:27-10:57Lessons/Lunch/Travel
6th Lunch11:15-11:45Lessons/Lunch/Travel
7th Lunch12:00-12:30Lessons/Lunch/Travel
7th Hour1:06-1:496th & 7th Grade Band
8th Hour1:52-2:357th Grade Band

* Weiss- Monday Wales Campus, Tuesday- MageeĀ 
* Kuehn- Wednesday- Cushing, Friday-Dousman
* Burczyk- Blue Days KMHS campus from 7 am until 9:15 am

Welcome Back, Everyone!

posted Aug 28, 2018, 12:02 PM by Cathe Kuehn

We have updated our Band Handbook and Concert Dates for the year. We would like all parents to fill out the quick survey so that we know everyone is aware of the dates.

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