SignUp Genius

SignUp GeniusFor the Booster Club to award support dollars to the various KMHS athletic groups, all athletes and/or their parents are asked to volunteer in one of the Booster Club's concession stands during the school year.  You can complete your required volunteer hours by signing up for a date and time slot for a sporting event below.
  • It's easy and fun !
  • The time goes by quickly !
  • You'll be glad you volunteered !
For those students who need DICK OHM AWARD hours, these volunteer hours will apply.  Bring your Dick Ohm Award form with you to get signed.   Click on the Dick Ohm Award page below for information and forms.

Thanks so much for participating in events that bring us together !

Click on the link to find a team event you would like to sign up for...

Kohls Kicking Camp
July 22 & 23, 2017


BOOSTER CLUB LIAISONS ....  All liaisons MUST get training in the concession stand.  Please contact Bobbi Psicihulis (left column link) if you need to set up a training time.

For your convenience, click here to view the KMHS BOOSTER CLUB CONCESSION STAND PROCEDURE MANUAL.