Team Funding Request Form

Here is where the Booster Club disperses funds to KMHS athletic teams.

A team must first request the funds in a specific manner following the Request for Funds criteria.
Request for Funds are due fourteen (14) calendar days prior to the Booster Club meeting date for evaluation by the Athletic Director. Request for Funds Form link below; complete and submit to Mike Fink, Athletic Director, KMHS.

An approved Request for Funds is valid for ninety (90) days. If funds are not used within that time, a new request must be made, following the same procedure. Please note that re-approval is NOT guaranteed.
Your request form will be forwarded by the Athletic Director to the Booster Club for review. All requests are reviewed at the regular meeting held the second Wednesday of each month. The requesting team Coach must be in attendance at the meeting, otherwise the request will not be considered.


To receive full consideration for funding, each athletic program must achieve the following:
--‐ Coaching representative must equal or exceed the 75% attendance requirement of the Booster Club meetings.
It is preferred that the Varsity Head Coach is in attendance, an assistant can fill in. Should the program have a funding request or concern, the Head Coach must be in attendance to present the request.

--‐ Program Liaison must equal or exceed the 75% attendance requirement of the Booster Club meetings.

--‐ Goal of fundraiser is to sell 100% of Raffle Calendars..

--‐ Program must meet or exceed 100% volunteer ratio as determined by the Booster Club. If your program does not offer concessions, you need to spread the word with your athletes and parents that they need to sign up whenever we send out emails looking for help. If we have teams that are interested in covering events during the regular season, the coach needs to talk with the AD and get signed up. We want to provide opportunities for all programs to achieve the concession requirement.

--‐ All athletic programs will be required to participate in both Booster Club Card sales and Concession Stands.

--‐ Exceptions will be made for organizations that the Booster Club traditionally funds such as the Senior Night Committee,
KM Foundation Scholarship Committee, etc. These programs will be funded based on funds available.

--‐ All athletic programs that receive donations or other sources of revenue need to be documented, teams will be expected to itemize what the funding was used for and reported to the Athletic Director.

--‐ Failure to completely comply with these requirements can result in requests receiving partial funding or no funding at all. As these are ongoing, current funding will be based on the previous school year. Because some of these requirements are new and we do not have all the data from the previous year, the Booster Club will have the latitude to make exceptions during the current school year. As some of this is new policy, we need to make programs aware that these are policies that will be enforced from this point forward and allow them to get up to speed. The KM Booster Club will combine Laser Card sales and Concession Stand Revenue to form one fund, which will be distributed to programs based on need. Funding is available for the following:
1. Assistant coaches as requested this year– Starting next school year, Booster Club will fund the following:
a. FR coach --‐ $1800
b. Extra coach in program if needed --‐ $750
2. Equipment that will help improve programs or necessary for team success (within reason)
3. Uniforms (partial as needed)
4. Clinics (registration fee only – no hotels or travel)
5. Transportation (partial as needed) Before any funding will be granted, each coach requesting money will be asked if they met the following criteria:
  • Coaches 75% attendance requirement
  • Program Liaison 75% attendance requirement (this has been changed)
  • Has your team met the 100% concession stand volunteer requirement?
  • How well team has done selling Laser Cards.
The Booster Club will not fund the following:
1. Trips not required by the WIAA – (see additional fundraising below)
2. Individual player expenses; fees, individual equipment, including bags
3. Coaches’ gear – (this expense should come out of your camp money)

Teams that want to travel will need to meet with Athletic Director and apply for a fundraising waiver that would allow their program to do additional fundraising for their trip. Teams wanting to sell additional Booster Club Cards, upon approval can put that money directly toward their trip.

Our Associate Principal has agreed to allow extra fundraisers for travel.