Kettle Moraine Global Achievement Certificate

Welcome to the Kettle Moraine
Global Education Academic Certificate
site for coaches, candidates, and community members. 

The Global Education Achievement Certificate (GEAC) is a four year, cross-curricular certificate that recognizes students who seek global literacy. Benefits of completing the GEAC program are many: Candidates who complete this certificate will gain a deeper understanding of the world, they will have a great credential to include on their college and work applications, and they will develop leadership skills that set them above their peers.

Candidates who are involved in the GEAC program will work with a teacher who coaches them through specific requirements:
  • Candidates will complete four consecutive credits of a single world language.
  • Candidates will complete other coursework that builds their global literacy.
  • Candidates will broaden their global perspective by reading books and experiencing global events.
  • Candidates will participate in at least four co-curricular, school-sponsored activities. 
  • Candidates will complete a community service project that involves at least twenty hours and focuses on a global issue or is connected to a global community.
As our GEAC candidates work with their coaches to complete the requirements of this program, they will write reflections and record their progress in their KMHS student portfolio. The recognition the GEAC candidates receive at graduation will represent their pride in their accomplishments and their appreciation and understanding of our global community.
Please contact Ms. Bardon ( for more information about the Global Education Achievement Certificate if you are interested in joining.

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