Specialty Services

I suppose that everything we do is a specialty service, but thanks to the esoteric skill-set of the people of K.M.Paulson, we are often asked to perform miracles that don't fit into the standard custom jewellery categories. Medical accesories, memorials, odd body-piercing studs: all these have come down the pike over the years.
The most popular of these would have to involve the hinged shank. This is a ring built with a hinge and clasp that allows the ring to be worn despite the swollen knuckles that result from the ravages of time or arthritis. Check them out here. We can also safely remove a ring that has become impossible to remove, whether through injury or simply having left it on for several decades.
Occasionally, we are asked to design memorial jewellery as a receptacle for cremains, or ashes. This we can do.
We've done toothpicks, money clips, handcuffs, silver pistol grips, and hand-engraving on a dead man's guitar. (Okay, I admit that the handcuffs were a tie-pin, but still... ) If you need a sterling silver tracheotomy tube, we've done that. It was before we started taking photos of everything, so you'll have to take our word for it. Same thing with the diamond encrusted claw from a nine-foot Kodiak brown bear, and the same bear's penis bone. The African lion's clavicle I can find a picture of. Right here. 
One of our customers, a machinist, had a high-velocity chunk of steel embed itself in the groinal area of his pelvis. It was removed surgically and made into a nice pendant. The boys are alright.
So, if you have an idea you consider too weird to be considered, we may consider it. We're considerate that way.
Back in Winnipeg, before I started my business, I worked for a long-established company and was opening up the possibilities for custom design. A customer came in with a request for "something weird." After cogitating on the matter for a short while, Maureen, who is brilliant, remembered an item buried in the bowels of the cupboard. She came up with a pendant box that contained two glass eyes. Real glass eyes. Incredibly, one of them matched the customer's eye colour almost perfectly. This was set into a ring and everybody was happy.
Well, everyone except those unfortunate enough to be sitting across the table from this guy's middle finger staring them down. As you may imagine, it didn't blink.