At K.M.Paulson, we make jewellery.

Most goldsmiths repair jewellery and, upon occasion, do some kind of custom design and manufacturing. In my experience, each is a distinct profession and, if you try to do both, you suck at both.

If you need jewellery repairs, our company is located at the same address as R.Powell Goldsmith Ltd., the finest and most conscientious repair shop in the city. Okay, I'm biased, but if your stuff needs work, they are the people to call.

We design and manufacture high quality jewellery to your specifications. We are also designers, so our ideas are worth consideration but, when it comes right down to it, you're the boss.  Within reason, of course.

If you have an idea, we can work with it. If you have no idea, we can spend the time necessary to come up with one.

We can use your stones and precious metals, within limits, or supply whatever you need.

Normal working time for a piece is four to six weeks and payment is by cash or cheque. we are an old-fashioned business and have yet to fully embrace technology.

Speaking of which, one of our specialities is the restoration of antique pieces using the same techniques as the original. Filigree, millegrain, pavé setting, and hand-engraving are falling out of favour as being too time-consuming, but knowledge of these same techniques is crucial when dealing with jewellery made early in the previous century. We have that knowledge.

We work in platinum and high-karat gold and can match gold colours when dealing with antique or oriental jewellery.

In short, if you can’t find it elsewhere, give us a shout. 

Being of a primitive bent, however, we don't accept credit or debit cards; cash or cheque is the way to go. One day, though...