One of the most important services that we perform at KMPLTD is remounting. Many people have old jewellery that is not wearable for whatever reason and, rather than let it sit in a drawer, they bring it to us for redesign.
The process varies widely depending upon the needs of the customer. Some may simply wish to upgrade the design of an existing piece, others have many pieces which they wish to incorporate into one. Most simply want a wearable piece of jewellery. 

The most basic remount job is the water nugget. We take the old gold jewellery, clean it, melt it into a mercury-like blob, and unceremoniously dump it into a container of water. It may take a few tries, but what you end up with is a free-form splash of gold, frozen in time and utterly unique. Add a pendant loop and, voila, a water nugget pendant. Of course we can go nuts and add diamonds and initials and all manner of decoration but, at its base, it's a very simple process.

The remount process begins with one of our designers sitting down with you to determine what sort of ring you'd like. This can be a slightly updated version of your old wedding/engagement set, for example, or a completely new design; a band-style ring for everyday wear, or a fancy-dancy, Sunday-go-to-meeting knockout dinner ring. Extra gems can be supplied to match or enhance your existing stones.

We are often asked whether we use the customer’s actual gold in the piece. The answer would be that it depends. In the water nugget example, we have no real concern about the texture or colour of the finished product, so the makeup of the original jewellery isn’t that great a concern. Should we be asked to make, for example, a band, then it is possible to use Mom’s old wedding/engagement set and just about anything else made of karat gold. We just can’t guarantee that the colour or finish of the new piece will be perfect. As far as using old gold in a more complex piece, we’d rather not. We prefer to use newly alloyed gold to ensure that our finished product is as close to perfect as humanly possible.

That being said, you will receive full credit for your excess old gold if we do use new gold. Further to that subject, we also buy old gold. If you are thinking about selling your gold, check out the Canadian Jeweller's Association guidelines

Occasionally a customer will bring in a ring set that can no longer be worn due to arthritis. If this is a problem  for you, or someone you know, check out our Hinged Shanks.