Hand Engraving

Hand-engraving is in danger of becoming a lost art but here at KMPLTD we are doing our best to keep it alive. 

Practising an art that is carried out strictly by hand and with, in effect, pointy sticks is not for the faint of heart. It is difficult, often terrifying, but ultimately very rewarding to those willing to pursue it.

In accordance with the Canadian Precious Metals Marking Act, each finished piece of our jewellery is marked with the company's registered trademark, KMP, and the appropriate karat stamp. In addition, since 1998, each piece is also marked with the month and year of completion. Rather than being stamped with this information, each piece is hand engraved by the founder, creating, in effect, a signed work of art. Well, that's the way we like to look at it.

Since we used to do a fair amount of work for other jewellery firms, if you have a particularly nice piece of jewellery, check for the KMP, you may be surprised.