KMLHS Choral Program

As the psalmist wrote, “It is good to praise the Lord and make music to your name,” (Psalm 92:1). The KMLHS choirs daily provide students the chance to show their thankfulness and love toward our God through song. Furthermore, these ensembles enable students to learn the importance of community and Christian service. Perhaps most important is that the members receive the necessary training to become future leaders of Christ’s church, specifically through the gift of music.

In the choral program the students will:
  • Learn the fundamentals of breathing, tone production, projection, diction, and expression in choral music;

  • Improve his/her ability to sight read on a melodic, rhythmic, and harmonic level;

  • Encounter various styles of music;

  • Perform music in foreign languages and from other cultures to help create awareness of the universal Church;

  • Practice the principles of Christian love through daily interaction with peers;

  • Grow in his/her understanding the importance of evangelism and the role music plays in this activity;

  • Assume leadership roles in singing both in chapel and also in his/her home congregation;

  • Exercise his/her talent to God’s glory and daily progress toward reaching his/her full potential.