Strategies and Resources to Help Struggling Students (K-8)

PRESENTER: Mark Murphy - WLC

Have you ever struggled to meet the needs of a student in your classroom?  This section will cover strategies and resources to help meet the needs of all learners in your classroom.  A discussion of how to effectively use differentiated instruction and interventions in your classroom will be presented.  A listing of resources readily available on the internet will be shared.  In addition, some very practical and easily implemented technological assessment tools will be demonstrated and practiced.


I especially took an interest in special education as I saw such a great need for positive advocates for students and families in the school setting. Some of my most rewarding experiences have been working with students with learning disabilities, watching them overcome the obstacles, and accomplish their goals in life.


Mark Murphy serves as a professor in the School of Education at Wisconsin Lutheran College.  His main role is teaching in the area of special education and supervising clinicals, practicums, and student teachers in both regular education and special education placements.  He is hoping to defend his dissertation in June of this year, completing his PhD in Special Education.  He is a licensed regular education teacher, special education teacher, principal, and director of special education.