Cancelled - Promoting Interdisciplinary Connections and Critical Skill Development in the High School Curriculum



How can we break down the content silos of high school courses so that students can see the connections between skills and content of each course to one another and to the roles of their lives? How can we better carry out our mission statement and help our students meet the exit outcomes of our school? In the spring of 2017 Matt submitted a proposal for the Teach to Lead Summit (organized in part by the US Department of Education) to collaborate with the freshmen teachers at KMLHS to answer these questions. To his great surprise, his proposal was accepted, so he headed to Columbus, OH, with Dan Albrecht and Josh Lindner on May 5 to do just that. In this session you will hear the results of their collaboration and their project idea for KMLHS freshmen students. You will also consider whether these ideas could be incorporated into your courses and the sophomore, junior and senior curriculum so that we can better educate, encourage and equip KMLHS students for life and for eternity.

Matt has been a big believer of project-based and inter-disciplinary learning throughout his teaching career. His master's degree work focused on using contextual education (project-based learning) to help students see the relevance of their learning and develop critical skills.