Having Students SHOW What They KNOW: Performance Tasks in Your Unit Planning

PRESENTER: High School Teachers - Option 2 - Dr. Jason Lowrey - Wisconsin Lutheran College

In classrooms everywhere, teachers are asked in their preparation to consider what their students "know, understand, and are able to do."  This task can be easier said than done however.  In this session, participants will engage in a process that develops performance activities and projects that align to their unit essential questions, as well as the school's mission statement. The session will focus on how these activities can meet assessment goals in the classroom, as well as build student ownership in learning.

Dr. Jason Lowrey serves as the Director of Graduate Studies at Wisconsin Lutheran College in Milwaukee.  Lowrey has served for over 20 years in high schools and K-12 settings, focusing on instructional improvement and curricular design initiatives.  He is currently working with schools in Southeast Wisconsin on curricular alignment to school mission statements.  Lowrey resides in Stutevant with his wife Rachel, a piano teacher at Shoreland Lutheran High School.