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The Library’s primary mandate is to support the teaching, learning, and research activities of the University by providing the members of the university community with access to information resources and knowledge repositories.

These resources and repositories come in a variety of print and electronic formats. They can be divided into the following collections:

1.        Books

Organised according to the Library of Congress classification system.

1.1.    Borrowing collection

Registered users may borrow these books from the Library.

1.2.    Reference collection

Contains encyclopedias, dictionaries, and copies of all syllabus-listed textbooks.

2.        Serials

Consists of annual reports, newspapers, magazines, and academic journals.

3.        Standards

4.        Research reports

5.        Circulars & acts

6.        Seminar & conference proceedings

7.        Theses & project papers (by KLIUC students)

8.        Final examination question papers

9.        Audiovisual materials

10.     Online collections

10.1.   E-books



10.2.   Scholarly publications

ACM Digital Library:

ASCE Journals:

Cambridge Journal of Economics:

Emerald Management eJournals:

IET Digital Library:

Journal of Human Resources:

Journal of Organizational Behavior:

Organizational Development (OD) Network:

The Modern Language Journal:

World Scientific Computer Science & Electronics Journals:

10.3.   SIRIMLink: