Thank you to all participants
LANCOMM 2011 has come to a successful close.
Please note that the E-Proceedings are now available.
We look forward to seeing you again at the 2nd LANCOMM conference in 2014.

19 - 20 October 2011

The current trends in the fields of language and communication are changing rapidly with the development in technology and human capital.  Huge investments in the IT industry have transformed the face of communication and the use of language for communication.  Inevitably human capital has taken a slant to fit in with the digital world. 

Multicultural and multinational barriers have crumbled down and bridges of communication have gone across lands and seas. Globalisation has impacted the world in various ways and changed the future of language and communication. 

In the current myriad scenes in global communication, the use and development of language and the effective teaching of language is crucial. The development of human capital has to be in sync with the swift move in the world of communication. A sense of balance in the fields of language and communication has to be nurtured to scaffold global growth and advancement in a wide range of other fields related to IT, engineering, architecture and business.