Chupacabras 2013

Chupacabras is the biggest MTB race in Mexico and takes place in the far north of mexico in Ciedid Juarez close to the border to USA. The race is spectacular with lots of nice single tracks and interesting but though race. In the morning it is not so warm but during the race it can easily get above 30 degrees. But there was always somebody at the track with a refreshment so you could get enough  to drink. The first 15 km was along the Bordo - along Rio Bravo who makes the border line til America. Then it got more interesting with fast but technical tracks. My main memory from the race was the friendly approach from all riders - no pushing and no yelling.  It was a great race to remember. 

Porro and me before start og Chipacabras 2013. Porro is a former mountain biker still very fit and active.  He is now running a bike shop in Ciedid Juarez and supplied us with good bikes for the race. Porro is also sponsor of the Intense mtb team and luckily i was invited as a guest rider on the team and i was able to start at the front together with the fast guys.  It was really nice and interesting to start together with the panamerican champion land also the legend Tinker Juarez.

Anniken and Arne before start.

The team from Villahermosa - all race ready in Cidid Juarez - day before tha race.

The "mexicans from Norway" Grete and Arne at pre camp in Villahermosa one week before race.

A stop for a local speciality..

 and in Mexico they also serve something to eat..

Bike trip with Enrique during precamp,

Arne had the need for cooling down after jungle ride.

Jungle ride - warm and wet.

Pls meet Jose Ubaldo Garduño Zepeda - mexican biker who lost one leg in a car accident. Jose is also representing Mexico in paraciclismo races.
Cæsar let us use his bike transporter for the whole week - very practical and lots of space