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To easily get a spreadsheet with your whole class emails, go to Skyward

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Copyright Presentation
Please view Powerpoint presentation and sign Copyright verification sheet in the library once you have viewed it.

Copyright for Educators and Librarians

Copyright Chart

Daily Sign-In Instructions
To sign in each day, go to - 

To have the sign-in page open automatically when you turn on your computer, put the link in your Startup folder 
Go to Start – All Programs – Startup 
Right click on Startup, Open 
the link by copying the above URL in your web browser.
-Click and hold the URL from the sign in page and drag and drop it into your Startup folder
Searching for Books in LS2
You can search for books in the Kuehnle Library anywhere you have internet access through LS2!

How to Check-out and Return Books 
Step by step instructions for checking out and returning books.

How to Sign In to Your Library Account and Create Lists
You can create lists of books and save them in your library account.

Placing Books on Hold
If a book you want from the Library is currently checked out, you can place the book on Hold and we will check it out to you when it comes in.
NOTE: You can ONLY place a book on Hold if it is currently checked out to someone else. 

Requesting Books Through InterLibrary Loan (ILL)
If the Kuehnle
 Library does not own a copy of a book you need, you can see if another Klein ISD library has a copy for you to borrow.

Windows and Office 2007
Creating Email Signatures

Your email signature should include:
- Name
- Title, Kuehnle Elementary
- Phone

Discovery Streaming
Click here for help setting up a new user account. 
Download the document below for new user passcode information.

Klein ISD's Acceptable Use Policy

Adding RSS Feed to your Webpage

Library 2.0 and Klein Tech-spectations
Staff development Powerpoint presented on August 22, 2012.

Phone/Voicemail Help

Laptop Cursor Fix
If your cursor is jumping all over the place, it's because your touchpad is too sensitive. Below are the instructions (Pt.1 and Pt.2) to fix this problem.

Part 1 -

Part 2 -

Adding Kuehnle Public Calendar to Your Calendars
1. Open Outlook
2. From the Go menu, select Folder List
3. Click the plus sign (+) in front of Public Folders
4. Within your Public Folder, click All Public Folders, then click Campus Public Calendars 
Right click the Kuehnle calendar » select Add to Favorites...
The Add to Favorites dialog box appears. 
5. Click ADD
The calendar is added to your Favorites. 
6. From the Go menu, select Calendar 
The calendar you selected will appear under Other Calendars. This may take several minutes.
7. To view the calendar, select it