Library Information

Library Schedule

Our library is open from 8:30 until 3:00 every day. Whole group, small group, and individual check-out options are available to students. Ms. Vincent also visits classrooms to offer support.

Checking Out Books

We will start training with self-check in and check-out procedures. Students scan out their library books, as well as check in their own books. Our students are responsible and accountable for their own materials. The students really enjoy the independence and self sufficiency as they learn this life skill.

Kindergarten through First grades will come in whole groups to check out books every week. 
Second through Fifth grades will come as permitted by their teachers.

Kindergarten and First grade checks out 1 book per week. It is the teacher's discretion if the student brings his/her books home. Second through Fifth grade students check out up to 2 books at a time.

Books are checked out for two weeks. However, students can check out books any day and time, even if it is not their class day. (Every day if needed!) If a student would like to keep his/her books for longer than two weeks, the books can be renewed. 

Library Policy for Overdue and Lost Books

Elementary students are NOT fined for late or overdue books. However, students must turn in library books on time, or they cannot check out books until all previous books are returned. Students who have lost or damaged books have the option to either pay for the book or replace the book with another copy. PLEASE do not hesitate to talk to Ms. Vincent about lost items; I will work with you!