Niranthara Annadaanam And Veda Paripaalanam Program

श्री गुरुभ्यो नमः
Help protect the vedas by protecting and supporting the vedic schools!!

Program – You can name a beneficiary and an occasion (like anniversary, wedding day, etc.)

Sponsor-a-day program

·       Sponsor one day of your choice – $150.00 each year you want to support

·       Sponsor one special day (listed below) - $200.00 each year you want to support

·       Sponsor one day of your choice forever hereafter (nirantharam) - $1000.00 one time payment

·       Sponsor one special day (listed below) forever (nirantharam) - $1200.00 one time payment

Sponsor-a-student program

·       Sponsor one student for one year – $1000.00

·       Sponsor one student for all 7 years - $5000.00


·       Entire day’s food and milk for all patashala and vriddashramam residents will be provided in your name

·       Veda parayanam will be conducted in your name or name of your beneficiary

·       Pujas in Akhilandesvari Temple and Panchamukhesvara Temple will be performed for your beneficiary

·       Prasadams will be mailed to you or personally handed to you if visiting

·       You or beneficiary can personally perform paduka puja if present

·       You or beneficiary can participate in Akhilandesvari afternoon abhishekam

·       You or beneficiary can participate in all pujas in the holy Panchamukhesvara Tripurasundari temple for the day

About the Patashala

Sri Akilandesvari Sametha Sri Jambunatha temple at Tiruvanaikoil (near Tiruchirapalli) is located in Tiruvanaikoil, about 3 kms from Trichy, and adjacent to Srirangam. Tiruvanaikoil is one of the Panchabhoota Kshetras representing Water, hence given the name Appu Sthalam. One can see water constantly oozing out of the ground near the Shiva Linga. 

Sri Adi Sankara had adorned the murthy of the Goddess (Akhilandesvari) with ear-ornaments (Tatanka) containing srichakra . He also installed a Vinayaka directly opposite to the originally fierce Goddess to pacify her and present her in the current peaceful and benevolent form.

Kanchi Kamakoti Veda Patashala and Vriddhashramam in Thirvanaikkaaval is a storied Veda Patashala where Paramacharya stayed and also performed Tatankapratishta for Goddess Akhilandeswari as his first act as peetadhipathi after his vedabhyasam in Mahendramangalam. It is also the veda patashala where pudu periyava stayed during his veda abhyasam. Our acharyas have also stayed here many times and performed the Chandramouleesvara puja.

Importance of Daanam in Kali Yuga

तप: परं कृतयुगे त्रेतायां ज्ञानमुच्यते

द्वापरे यज्ञमेवाहुः दानमेव कलौ युगे ।।

Sage Parashara says in Dharma shastra regarding Yuga dharma “Visesha (special or essential) dharma in Kruta yuga is Tapas (Penance); In Treta Yuga is Jnana (Knowledge); In Dvapara Yuga is Yagna (Sacrifice) and In Kali Yuga is Daanam (Charity)”.

Special Days

Adi Shankara Jayanthi                                                Deepavali                            Ramanavami

Paramacharya Jayanthi – Vaikasi Anusham                 Pongal                                Shravana poornima

Puduperiyava Jayanthi                                               Tamil New Year                   Vyasa Poornima

Balaperiyava Jayanthi                                                English New Year                Mahashivarathri

Paramacharya Aradhana                                            Krishnashtami                     All 9 Navarathri days

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