Audience Guidelines

This ceremony is a dignified and solemn event that requires appropriate behavior of not only the seniors but also their family and friends in the audience. The traditions we have set have an effect on all future Commencement Ceremonies of King Kekaulike High School. We can only accomplish this with your cooperation and support. We ask for your patience as we honor each and every member of our graduating classes. Therefore, to make this ceremony special and memorable, the following guidelines will be enforced during our Commencement Ceremony:


The row of parking stalls by the KKHS tennis/basketball courts are reserved for handicapped parking and special guests.

Handicapped/VIP Parking: Please enter through the Kula Hwy entrance. Designated parking will be on the left in our faculty parking area. Handicapped parking requires a visible placard.


Family and friends of seniors will be allowed to enter the KKHS Stadium at 4:30 PM.

Security will monitor the stadium gates confiscating contraband. Alcohol, tobacco, drugs in any form, including alcohol-bottle lei, will not be allowed in the stadium.


All guests must be seated in the bleacher area of the stadium. Guests may not mingle with the seniors prior to the ceremony as the seniors will be receiving instructions and preparing for the ceremony.

No personal signs or banners may be hung from the stadium fences before, during or after the ceremony.

In order to maximize seating and visibility for all, guests with large signs, banners or balloons must leave them outside the stadium. Items left will be at the guest’s own risk.

No air horns or noise making devices will be permitted during the ceremony. The use of air horns and other noise making devices during the ceremony is not allowed as these detract from the integrity and formality of the program. This inappropriate behavior is inconsiderate of other families who want to capture the sights and sounds of their child’s diploma presentation.

Water will be sold from the concession area prior to the ceremony. Security will collect coolers at the gate.

Guests must refrain from talking loudly throughout the ceremony as all seniors, speakers, and presenters deserve the respect of the audience.

Guests must remain seated throughout the ceremony and will not be allowed through the exit gates until all the graduates have left the field and security opens the gates.

A professional photographer will take a photo of each senior as s/he receives their diploma as well as a group photo of the graduates before the ceremony. Order forms are available for students to pick up from G206. Or you can contact Action Photos of Hawaii directly. Professional videos of the whole ceremony may be purchased online <>.

No guest will be allowed at the fence area taking photos or video during the ceremony and blocking the view of other guests behind them. No private photographers or videographers will be allowed to stand at the bleacher railings or come onto the track or field.

Please see "Lei Greeting" for details about after the ceremony. Guests may greet the graduate in the lei greeting area after the ceremony has ended, all graduate have left the field and the gates have been opened for guests to exit.

No outside vendors will be selling lei on KKHS premises.

Guests are responsible for removing all their gift and lei packaging (plastic and paper) from the bleacher and parking lot areas.


This is a dignified, solemn and serious occasion. Appropriate behavior is expected of the audience, as well as the participants. A party atmosphere is not appropriate during or immediately following the ceremony.

Seniors and their guests are expected to leave the stadium and parking lot areas within 60 minutes of the conclusion of the ceremony.

The seniors have worked hard these past four years to reach this auspicious occasion, and their memories of this event should not be shadowed and clouded with inappropriate and inexcusable behavior of their family members and friends. Courtesy for the graduates, cooperation with these guidelines and appropriate behavior are expected of all guests at all times. Security will remove guests who violate this guideline.

The ceremony will conclude with a recessional; the graduates will walk away from the seating area. Guests must remain in their seats until the graduates have moved into the lei giving area.

The excitement associated with graduation is understandable, but out of respect and safety for the graduates and the school, the cooperation of the guests in this matter is necessary.

Please keep in mind that the goal is to have a Commencement Ceremony of which everyone can be proud, and everyone's support is needed to make it so.