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UPDATE AS OF JANUARY 25, 2018: In July of 2015, Joe and Ronnie Harris sold Kona Kai Resort to an investment group which took over ownership and daily operation of Kona Kai Resort. The Botanic Gardens at Kona Kai, operated by the independent 501c3 AEFFK, Inc. with Joe and Veronica Harris as President and Executive Director, which had operated on the grounds of Kona Kai Resort, withdrew from the resort operation. In 2018 it changed its' name to Plants Matter and thus continues to operate as a virtual garden, independent of Kona Kai Resort. At this time we have no real estate or physical gardens. We oversaw our TYUP™ botanist guided tour on the grounds of Kona Kai Resort until February 1, 2016 when the program was discontinued temporarily. Currently the physical status of The Garden is undetermined. Please direct any questions to Garden Executive Director, Joe Harris at: joe@kkbg.org.
What is presented below is historical in nature, covering the period from 2009 through 2016 when the botanic gardens operated on the grounds of Kona Kai in Key Largo, Florida.
Currently the AEFFK has no affiliation with any other entity and no association with Kona Kai in Key Largo.