Project Definition


BIM is a promising technology of the future while applications and far and above the current expectations, for any construction project to commence in India it is especially required to go through a lot of documentation procedures and governmental scrutiny. Obtaining sanctioning and building rights for a project is not an easy task in India, it involves a number of governmental procedures and a lot of documentation which often adds up to the project cost and making it costly to construct. Here in our current project we intend to define a system that could simplify the task for any person to avoid corruption and malpractices in the society.

The Purpose (Mission)

  • To Identify the Problems in Liasoning procedures
  • To study the core components to meet the needs of the policy and the field players
  • To propose a system to provide a simple solution that incorporates BIM and digital security elements in models

These are the targets we want to meet

  • Develop a system to simplify construction governance procures
  • Take a step towards developing an ecosystem to incorporate safety protocols in IT & constructions
  • Bridge the gap between policy & field players

This is how our organisation will gain.

  • Study of literature materials and news-events
  • Discussion with experts in fields
  • Analysis of data by developing statistical & comparitive models
  • Preparing prototype BIM version & feedback loop from industry experts


Construction industry involves enormous investment and much transformation of the livelihood of the citizens residing in the region wherein the project is to be executed. The main of objective of this concept is to develop a framework to resolve the problems of unethical constructions and allied liaison-construction relevant procedure by analyzing the current problems, studying the solutions being implemented elsewhere and proposing  solutions to suit the problems. 

I.1           Analyzing the Current Problems

To define errors that are frequent out of human errors or bound to occuron account of corruption malpractices by officials and design policy players.

I.2             Studying the Solutions being implemented

To study the cases of BIM implementation and effect of governance in terms of town planning and eradication of unethical construction practices by considering cases of countries such as Singapore, United Kingdom, et cetera

I.3             Proposing Solutions to suit the Problems

By considering the resources being implement and the nature of the problem, proposing feasible solutions that could be accepted by market, benefiting the society & enhancing sustainable development on a whole.

Measurable Objectives:

  1. Developing critical path networks to determine project status
  2. Developing comparitive models of different sanctioning agencies in Pune Region, IN.
  3. Review of violation of sanctioning protocols


Final outcome of the project is the proposal of a framework to guide the sanctioning procedure to avoid re-routing of procedural documents from one office to another thereby saving time and increasing efficiency of the process. Also developing a platform for the government and the construction agency to manage their affairs with optimal transparency throughtout the course of the construction project.

Project Constraints

Time limited upto March, 2018; limited access to government sources; limited software encoding specialization.