Mrs. Nordin's Classes

Welcome to Business Education.  
Business Education is fundamental to each and every person.  Economically we are always buying and selling, we are creating a demand for products and those who are producers are supplying for those demands.
In Personal Finance Management we learn how to budget, costs that we will have as we move out and are on our own, how to balance our checkbook, apply for jobs, write resumes costs of credit, purchasing automobiles, insurance and taking out a loan.  
Accounting is a great career and it all begins here.  We begin by learning how a sole proprietor establishes a business and how important the record keeping is for him or her to survive.  
Business and Personal Law teaches us how to create contracts, what are our duties and responsibilities as citizens, business owners and employees.  What constitutes a crime or a tort and what are remedies and penalties for various crimes.  We study cases in every chapter that help us to look at the "what if's" of the law.  
Study skills and Careers 9: This class will be a culmination of learning how to plan, organize, study, and take tests in study skills class to looking at career options and beginning to plan for the future.  
Coding - This is a quarter class that will be offered to grades 7 and 8.  We will be using curriculum from and go through the lessons and the activities that are a part of Computer Science Discovery.  Unit 1 is on Problem Solving and Computer Logic, Unit 2 is on the Internet and Web Development.  Unit 3 is on programming.  
Feel free to check out the link to each class, and the About Me.   


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