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My Family:  Brian, myself, Nichole, Desirae, Andrew, Blaine and Brittany

Sayde Mae

This is the new addition to our family.  She is one year old and has a playful, sweet disposition.  She is a lot of fun!
Our new addition to our family, Sayde Mae.

One of my favorite pictures!

Cooper and our sweet Daisy.

Sayde Mae

Sayde is 14 months now.  She is a very happy puppy.  Here she is sleeping with her favorite toy a Mr. Pheasant.
Sayde 18 months

Our Family Pet

This was our dog Daisy.  She is now in dog heaven.  We miss her gentle nature.

Two of My Most Favorite Things

Two of my most favorite things are reading and dogs.  How ironic to find a picture of them both together!

Another Wedding

We will be having another wedding next summer!  Brittany and Blaine will be getting married on August 5, 2017.  My family is growing!

Desirae & Andrew

Married June 18, 2017

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