I teach Special Education at Kittson Central.  I work with students in grades K-6.   I work with students who have a wide arrange of needs in the areas of:  social skills, reading, math and written language.  The students will come to my room and work on skills in which they may need more practice and/or development.  At other times, I will go into their classrooms and guide them in completing tasks assigned by the teacher. 

All students must qualify for the services provided.  The state has processes and guidelines the school must follow.  Teachers are required to do 2 pre-interventions within the classroom setting.  The interventions are used to determine what is or isn't working, where the child's strengths and weaknesses are, what skills they may be deficient in.  The teachers will also look at how the student functions socially, emotionally, and physically when with their peers and in the home.  If the student continues to show difficulty, his/her classroom teacher will bring the student to our Student Assistance Team.

The Student Assistance Team consists of the school nurse, a classroom teacher, school psychologist, superintendent, and school social worker. After looking at the data collected, the team will determine if the student needs testing to determine if they qualify for special education services.  If the team chooses this route, the parents will be contacted and a meeting will be planned to discuss the evaluation process.