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 Thanks to

all who

made our

night at


 Bread Pizza

 a huge


It would not have happened without the generosity of our great community, and the following businesses:

Seacoast Science Center/ Timberland/Bikram Yoga/Dunkin Donuts/Attrezzi/ Childrens Museum of NH/Tree House Toys/ Rumble Tumble/Green River Silver Co./Mary's Therapeutic Massage/Annabelle's Icecream/Seacoast Repertory Theater/Kittery Trading Post/Izzy's Icecream

Special thanks to  

KC Curry and Ken Gray for donating their time and talent!


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide
 short-term, financial
 assistance to eligible
 individuals and families
 in OUR community
 when it is not available
 through other
 established resources.
 We welcome our
 neighbors to join in the
 spirit of giving through
 fundraising activities.

Kittery womenade is a grass-root, non-profit organization of women dedicated to helping others.  The idea is simple: we gather friends together to raise money so that we can provide financial assistance to people who need short-term help.

Requests for assistance are facilitated only through community figures such as school nurse, social worker or clergy member, who validate requests and connect with Womenade to meet needs.  Requests remain anonymous.

Our fundraising is driven by small house gatherings with friends in an atmosphere of celebrating and strengthening the community.  While enjoying each others company, we raise money for a greater purpose.  We also hold a few larger events each year.

You can get involved and make a difference by either donating your time or a monetary gift.  If you would like to support our organization, ANY level of assistance is GREATLY appreciated.

Womenade is made possible by the generosity of individuals and local businesses.  All donations are tax deductable.

*Non-Profit, 501(c)(3)