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To horn players...here is an awesome link to help you learn the horn line for Superstition, and another cool link about to help you out....check it out! Good luck and get practicing! Don't forget, all the songs are below that you can get to easily and start learning them on your own. Also, I figured out some of the chords, too, so familiarize yourself with them if you don't already know them.


and then there is this link:


FYI,  the links to the songs below that were posted on the 30th are Youtube versions, so you will not be able to view them at school. The lyric and chord links below you should be able to access without any problems.  Please see me with any questions or problems.

Good Love chords:
D - G - A (very quickly)
D - G
The song moves quickly, but these are the only chords in the tune...see me with any questions. We'll figure out the horn part together.

Good Love lyrics click here

Lyrics and chords to The Drop Kick Murphy's Shipping Up to Boston:

Shippin' Up lyrics and chords click here

Chords to What Makes a Good Man, (for the most part):
Intro & Chorus ~ A - G - F
Verse ~ A - C - D

Sept. 30th, 2014

Yes, it's that time to begin plugging in the amps and crankin' it up! Here are the songs that we will get started on as soon as fall sports are over. You can get a good head start by learning them now...hint hint...practice! I'll try to post the chords and lyrics soon, but here's the Youtube versions of the songs for now.

What Makes a Good Man ~ The Heavy 
The Heavy video click here

(Here's the same song live...I like the presentation of this band...we should dress like this and take it to another level!)
The Heavy live on the Late Night Show click here

Good Love ~ The Young Rascels (we'll be adding brass parts to this tune)
Good Love click here

Ways To Say Goodbye ~
Count on Me ~ Bruno Mars
Count on Me click here

I'm Shippin' Up To Boston ~ Dropkick Murphys
I'm Shipping Up To Boston click here

There will be an audition this year, which is different from years past. Please be prepared to play either one or two of the songs I've posted above. You must have a minimum of one year experience on your instrument. I'm really looking forward to a great year...and it sounds like we're going to have a fantastic brass section! A ukulele player, too...awesome!

We will be working on these songs over the winter months to perform either at the first concert, or in the spring...depending how dedicated you all are. It's all up to you. Thanks for your interest, and please come to me if you have any questions. I will have the chords to these songs, and will figure out the horn parts if you cannot make them out on your own....rock on people, rock on!

March, 2013
Hello everyone!  The Little Amplifiers here, and we've been working hard at learning some great tunes from the 60s as pit band for the Drama club.  There is a play in the works, and it's all about the fabulous 60s era.  Tentatively scheduled for June...details coming soon!!!
Once again, well be making a trip to WSCA
106.1 FM Portsmouth Community Radio, (http://portsmouthcommunityradio.org/), for a live interview. This is always a great time, and we are really pumped about going this year! We will be performing a tune or two along with an interview so be on the look out for the date and tune into WSCA!
We plan on performing for the Japanese students again this year as well.  They really enjoyed sitting in at rehearsal last year, so we are planning on it again this year...


May, 2012
Hey!  Some of our Kittery students will be giving a live interview and performance on WSCA 106.1 FM Portsmouth Community Radio, (http://portsmouthcommunityradio.org/), this Sunday, May 20th at 3:00 pm.  Please tune in and take a listen to what some of these talented kids are up to!  So far, they will be interviewing Tavia Godfrey, Tucker Valentine, Joe and Mike Lombardi, Erik Pike, Piper Smith, Bailey Goss and Dan Powers! 

A great job by The Little Amplifiers Tuesday, May 1st, for our Japanese exchange students and host families.  They rocked the stage and fun was had by all for this event.  They also raised the roof during the 6th - 8th grade Recognition Assembly.

Looking forward, The Little Amplifiers will be performing for our annual field day event on the second to the last day of school.  It's always a great time so feel free to drop by and take a listen.

Tavia and Tucker Godfrey will be bringing their talents to the 2nd annual Rock The Block party at 10:00 am.  For more info, go to:  http://www.kittery.org/pages/index